Alyona Vodonaeva's wedding: next or last?


Alyona Vodonaeva, a cheeky girl whose starrylife began with the famous teleproject "Dom-2", recently married. Her husband was musician Alex Kosinus. The wedding of Alena Vodonaeva was modest and closed, but some details were made public.

Wedding of Alena Vodonaeva

Start of the Star Trek

Alyona was born in Tyumen on July 2, 1982 in an ordinary, unremarkable family. My mother taught economics at the university, and my father worked as an orthopedic doctor.

From the very childhood the girl was active, and nativethe city seemed too small and provincial. Vodonaeva always dreamed of conquering the capital. Nevertheless, she did not go to Moscow immediately after school, but enrolled in one of the Tyumen universities, choosing journalism as a future specialty.

To write the thesis work on the reality show, the girl decided to feel the emotions of the participants from inside, so she came to casting the teleproject "Dom-2".

In the "House-2"

Vodonaeva easily passed the casting and was onproject, where she received fame as the most scandalous and explosive participant. The girl was not embarrassed either finding round the clock under the camera sights, nor the star leading, with whom she preferred not to stand on ceremony. Relations with other reality actors were also tense. However, in some young people the girl evoked sympathy, and not only.

Alyona Vodonaeva wedding

Love in front of the whole country

For three years on the project, Alena had several relationships.

  • From the first day she struck Stepan on the spotMenshchikova, dancing at the frontal place erotic dance specifically for him. Constant scandals and quarrels "extinguished" always Stepan, Vodonayeva simply could not go on reconciliation first. The lovers were together for a year and a half, but the wedding of Alyona Vodonaeva and Stepan Menshikov never happened.
  • After a hard parting with Men'shchikov Alyona notbegan to long for a long time and entered into a relationship with the handsome and well-balanced Anton Potapovich. However, he could not pacify the girl, after a number of serious conflicts the couple broke up.
  • The next one who tried to build a relationship withAlyona, was May Abrikosov. The bright romance of two beautiful people could not last long due to Alyona's audacious remarks about May, who left the project in early 2007.
  • Six months later, the project left and Alain, twisting before leaving a fleeting romance with Mikhail Kontsev.

Relationships outside the perimeter

After leaving the "House-2" Alena, already known throughout Russia, worked as a TV presenter on the channels of TNT, DTV and REN-TV, tried to conquer the pop scene and to maintain her blog.

The personal life of Vodonayeva outside the project also did not become less saturated.

Almost immediately, she began a relationship withAlexey Malakeev. Alyona Vodonaeva's wedding with a young and successful businessman took place in August 2009, and a year later the girl gave birth to her beloved husband, Bogdan's son. The marriage lasted only 4 years, and he disintegrated, according to rumors, because of the unfaithfulness of Vodonayeva.

After the divorce, Alyona was carried away by musician SergeiAshikhmin, then the model of Slava Pantherov, and then smoothly switched to his dance partner in one of the TV projects of Eugene Papunaishvili.

In 2014, the object of adoring the girl was a young party from St. Petersburg, Yuri Adne, who later was replaced by racer Artem Markelov.

In the spring of 2015, Alena fell in love with the tattoo artist Anton Korotkov. He made a proposal to the girl, but the weddings of Alyona Vodonaeva and Anton Korotkova did not wait for the fans.

Alexei Komov, known as Aleksey Kosinus, a famous DJ from the northern capital, interrupted a series of frivolous relations.

Wedding of Alena Vodonaeva photo

The long-awaited wedding

The wedding of Alyona Vodonaeva and Alexei Kosinus took place on September 11.

The event did not differ in scope, there was not on it andjournalists. Fans saw the first photo of the wedding of Alena Vodonaeva on her page in Instagram. The bride was wearing a white lace dress, as befits a bride. And the bridegroom dressed in a traditional costume and a shirt of a dark color.

The wedding ceremony took place in St. Petersburg. After visiting the registry office, the newlyweds went to a stylish photo shoot with the owls.

The wedding day ended with a festive dinner in the circle of relatives and friends.

Wedding of Alena Vodonaeva and Cosinus

Guesses and conjectures

Despite the fact that the wedding of Alena Vodonaeva andCosine has already taken place, many continue to argue about whether it was real, or it's just a fake. As evidence of a "false wedding", they cite the following facts:

  • before the wedding, Alyona Vodonaeva was only 4 months old with her current husband;
  • most registry offices do not work on Monday;
  • on the "registration" there were no parents.

Everyone decides for himself, believe rumors, or not. We sincerely believe that the wedding of Alyona Vodonaeva and Alexei Kosinus will become for both of them the beginning of a new, happy life.

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