My husband hates me - what should I do? What should I do if my husband insults?


"My husband hates me ..." This phrase sounds very often from the lips of women, whose family life is not as good as it would like. What to do? How to proceed?

Problem in the family

If people live together for a while, then it is notthe news that there is monotony in their life. At first glance, everything is fine and wonderful, but when you look more closely, it is immediately noticeable that those feelings and that passion no longer exist. They seemed to have stayed somewhere in a past life.

my husband hates me

To prevent this from happening, periodically you need to arrange some kind of "shake-up". As a result, relations will become, as before, and maybe even better.

In the same case, when neither of the spouses does anything, the feelings slowly disappear, and indifference comes to their place. But do not confuse it with hatred.

Pay attention to any changes

If in the family, however, such a situation happened, thenthe woman perceives it much closer and more painful. As soon as the wife notices any changes in her husband's attitude, more often she continues to pretend that everything has remained, as before, she is desired and loved. And so it can continue for a while. But the husband moves away more and more, and the wife just closes her eyes and, deceiving herself, plays an ideal marriage.

So do not in any way impossible.And all because of the fact that after a certain period this game is already called not a happy family, but its a parody. And when in this difficult period of complete inactivity, then the humility of the wife will not only return the feelings of her husband back, but, on the contrary, will further alienate him.

If you do not look at everything in the "pink glasses", andpay attention to even minor changes in attitude, and at the same time analyze, you can not only save your family, but also strengthen it. After all, when the spouse retreats, and his second half assiduously tries not to notice it, he will not lead to anything good. At some point it can be said with certainty that the husband hates his wife.


There are several factors that signal that there is a crack in the relationship.

If at the beginning of a married life everyone did everythingTogether, the husband always listened to the opinion of his wife, then he begins to make decisions and eliminate problems, not that without consulting, and without even sharing it with her. This is the first sign that his opinion does not matter to him.

husband hates wife

A woman should pay attention to the one whose interests for the husband come first. If he is, then she will eventually understand that she does not already have that reliability and support that was in the beginning of the relationship.

If nit-picking and reproaches begin, followed by irritation and resentment, this is a sign that something needs to be changed, otherwise hatred may appear in your relationship soon.

If the husband does not respect his wife, but at the same time does not directly speak, but simply constantly criticizes her both as a woman, as a mother, and as a mistress, this must also be paid attention.

Particular importance can be given to this situation, when the spouses, when they are together, do not have common themes for talking. And about having a good laugh at the simplest anecdote, and there's nothing to say.

Do not ignore those moments when the husband does notwants to just touch his wife. If this factor is ignored in the beginning, then after a while, when the spouse shows the slightest caress, in addition to dislike and irritation, she will receive nothing else in return.

Also it does not hurt to ask why my beloved does not hurry home? It seems that everything is done for its convenience, but it is still better to work with friends after work than before.

ex-husband hates me

The change in the husband's relationship to his wife is clearly noticeable,when he begins to protect his personal space. First, a woman looks at it through her fingers, always finding some excuse, but rarely does anyone think about how things can end.

Lack of sex, despite plausible excuses, first of all, should push a woman to change something, otherwise the result can be deplorable.

You can often hear from the lips of a woman:"My husband hates me and insults me, not thinking about how offensive I am". But few people think that, perhaps, it is by its actions that provokes a man to such an attitude.

The problem with the ex-spouse

Even if the marriage falls apart, in many casesmen are not just an unpleasant sludge, namely, disgust. When the fair sex says: "The former husband hates me, and I do not understand why, what did I do?"

There are many explanations in such situations. After all, each family and relationship are individual.

You can consider this option, when in the familyat first full harmony and mutual understanding, but it takes some time, and the wife, not feeling guilt about herself, and believing that she is right, constantly dissatisfied with something, expresses not very pleasant things or performs unpardonable deeds. Husband perceives everything calmly and without scandals, trying to find a logical justification for everything. But for a long time it can not be. Inside, this negative accumulates and accumulates, and in the end, he looks at his wife not in that loving and adoring eyes, but full of hatred.

And even after the divorce, the wife thinks that this is the innocent "victim" who tried so hard. But as a result, only the streams of hatred emanate from the ex-husband.

Another woman

There are also situations when the spouse forher husband does everything possible and impossible that he was well and cozy, but after a while he gets used to it and imagines that this is everywhere and everywhere. He begins to change at first secretly, and then it is already open, and a certain moment comes when he leaves the family.

A woman so faithful and so caring,despite what kind of moral pain he brought to her, he lets go with a pure soul and wishes him only happiness, but he knows perfectly well that even if he is asked to go back, there will be no return way.

To a man who lived with his new passiona short period, begins to come to understand what treasure in the form of his ex-wife he lost. But at the same time he thinks that he should knock on the door back - she will gladly take it back.

But when the wife refuses the former spouse in this, he at first is surprised to such turn, and then starts to be angry at it. Because he can not accept that fact morally.

A woman for her part can not understand thataggression and hatred, which is experienced by the former faithful. She seems to have let go, and she did not want evil, only she refused to return ... And she puzzles over the question: "Why does the ex-husband hate me?"

The answer in this situation is very simple. He does not hate his former wife, but himself, from the realization that not everything and not always she can forgive, but human patience is not limitless.

When there is a watershed in family lifemoment, and the woman feels the dislike and dislike of her husband for her, she immediately panics, asking the same question about what to do next and how to act at the moment.

Analyzing the situation

To choose further tactics of behavior and not to make it even worse, we must first analyze what caused this to happen.

my husband hates me and insults me

The first thing that comes to mind is that of a loved onethere was another woman. But what does this have to do with, if it seems that the husband hates his wife. When a man is not going to leave the family, he often changes his mistresses, but his half is not so easy to notice. Even if this happened, then he has one answer - he wanted some kind of variety.

Perhaps the relationship changed after the appearancechild, since, basically, the mother almost completely focuses on the baby. The spouse at this time feels a feeling of indignation and resentment from the fact that he has not paid so much attention. Then he begins to attract aggression.

Well and accurately analyzing thesituation, a woman must for herself draw conclusions and determine whether she wants to continue living with this person. Or the best option is a divorce, after which not immediately, but gradually it will find not only peace and tranquility, but also self-confidence, which it so lacked in family life.

And what about when a woman says that my husband hates me, but I still love him and do not want to lose? You can try to somehow change the situation, with a little bit of strength and patience.

If, for example, the spouse is working, and the family hasshe does not have much time left, as she would like, and this is the reason for her husband's dissatisfaction, although he himself has a good salary, it is preferable for him to stay at home and pay more attention to him than a career. Then, if you want to save the marriage, one way out is to give up work.

Always be on top!

Often married women commit the samemistake - they cease to follow (that hair did not have time to wash, then there was no time for the manicure to go), and this, in turn, repels her husband. Since he married the always well-groomed woman. To prevent this from happening, we must always remember and do this so that the spouse could not only admire, but also proudly demonstrate that this is his woman, when someone else looks in her direction.

It is necessary to constantly develop spiritually and intellectually so that for the husband to be always not only a beautiful picture, but also an interesting interlocutor.

We need to try to do so that the spouse spent his free time more often nearby, and he did not have a desire to go somewhere, for example, with friends on beer.

Always need to find a variety of reasons to praise her husband, to tell him a tender affectionate word.

Very often in family life, it happens thatone of the partners does not know how to correctly express one's thoughts. Then it is very difficult for a couple to negotiate and explain themselves. If such a shortage is present in a woman, then one should express her thoughts more constructively, so that her husband understands what is going on and what the wife wants to say, and did not stay in meditation again, that once again something is unsaid.

Often an offended husband addresses a specialistand declares: "My husband hates me." Psychology is a subtle science. And experts in this field agreed that in such cases the most important thing is to objectively analyze family relations and see future prospects for their continuation.

Mutual hatred

What if my husband and I hate each other?Here the problem is not that feelings are a bit dull or a habit has arisen. Even from the very beginning of family life, the couple did not have the emotional closeness that is hidden behind love. And when the latter goes a little to the background, immediately there is a misunderstanding. In this case, even the most insignificant trivialities lead to the growing discontent and alienation between spouses, which are accumulating more and more each day. As a result, everything that united the couple disappears.

my husband hates me psychology

When a woman says to her friends and relatives:"My husband hates me," people give advice to the most diverse. Most believe that you should speak frankly with your loved one. But to do this very carefully, so that he did not refuse to discuss his feelings, and the attempt itself did not turn into another scandal. For this it is necessary to express yourself judiciously and calmly. It is desirable to achieve this (perhaps, unpleasant) conversation. Then the result will be clear, the spouse will finally understand whether there is still any chance to save the family. Otherwise, you have to come to terms with reality.

Everyone should be happy!

If a girl says: "My husband hates me".What should she do? Now is the time to come, when the wife needs to remember that she is a woman and also has the right to personal happiness. Senseless conversations and wasted efforts, except for another disappointment and the collapse of hopes, nothing good will bring.

so that the husband hates his wife

It is best to let go of a spouse, and not to cling tohim and keep close. After all, the feeling that he needs his wife, and that she, as before, is desired, will never return. And so, remaining alone, sooner or later a woman will find complete peace of mind, perhaps she will have a desire to build new relationships.

A plot that will help make a relationship with a spouse better

What if the husband hates? The plot will help.It is this method of solving the problem that many women trust. To perform the ritual you will need your own wedding ring and a long birch ray. What to do next? Luchina is inserted into the ring so that on both sides there is the same distance. Then the edges are singed, and the smoke is read by a conspiracy, the words of which are:

"Do not burn, fire, do not fall

The rings of my engagement,

The rings of my wedding.

Pali, and Burn, and Pain

The Heart of a Servant of God (name),

His white breast, his lungs and liver,

So that he could not live and breathe,

Not a day or a minute can be without me,

His wife, the servant of God (name).

As he wants to drive me,

So he wants to hug me.

Burn, go, go, smoke.

I send sadness to my friend,

Do not remove it, do not lime.

As it was said, it's done.

I close the lock and close the key.

Be, my words, for all ages

Not removed, not bent, not crumpled,

Do not be broken and not repaired.

Key, lock, tongue.

Amen. Amen. Amen".

It is necessary to extinguish fire only whenthe ray from both sides will burn to the very ring. After that, the remaining stub is to be put in her husband's pocket. We must ensure that it does not disappear. If this happens, then repeat the rite again.

Another conspiracy

In addition to the above ritual, when the husband hateswife, what else can I do? To create the appearance that a woman listens very carefully to her husband, while she looks him straight in the eye, and in her mind says:

"As I, the servant of God (name),

I do not want and can not live without arms and legs,

So do not live without me (name).

From now on and forever. Amen".

Go to church

When the husband said that he hates, the wife, in order not to succumb to the depressive state, one may need to pray. That the Lord gave her the strength and patience to experience all this and not do anything stupid.

Sometimes some mistresses do everything so that the husband hates his wife. They can weave intrigues, wind a man. As a result, he really has such feelings for his lawful wife.

There are women who do not believe in all sorts of things.magic plots and rituals. What should they do? After the husband began to hate, it is best to go to church and confess. Perhaps the priest will help restore faith in life and in yourself. It will lead to the fact that life is priceless, but short and it must be enjoyed, rejoice at every day, and those family troubles are a test from God, which he sent, knowing that a man can cope with it.

Let go

If a woman says: "My husband hates me, it's more and more difficult to live with him every day," then, perhaps the best way out of the situation is to let him go. After all, in the end, two people will not suffer themselves, and no one will be forced to suffer beside them.

my husband hates me

If a woman complains of life and says: "My husband hates me, family relations go nowhere, how can I continue? ..." We should not forget that there is no concrete answer to this question. And the decision to keep the family or, on the contrary, it is not worth even trying, the spouses themselves must accept.

No wonder there is such a proverb "From love tohatred is one step "and vice versa. The likelihood that, trying to save the marriage, the wife will be able to interest her lover, as in the beginning of the relationship, and maybe more, is very large. Then the marital life will continue as a permanent honeymoon.


Now you know how to act for a woman whofeels alienation of her husband. There are many options for solving this problem. You need to find the most optimal for yourself. Remember that a woman should always be loved!

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