What ring is given when they make an offer to their beloved?


What ring is given when they make an offer
"What ring is given when they make an offerbeloved? "- Today we will answer this difficult question. Engagement is a rather ancient custom. Hundreds of years ago, young people gave their girls wedding rings, which are now called engagement. Giving the ring, the young man made his beloved a marriage proposal and asked her to marry him. Accepting the offer, the bride had to let the beloved put this ring on the ring finger of the right hand, which indicated the intention of the young to create a new and strong family. It is believed that this ring can not be removed under any circumstances, since it is the keeper of family ties and the symbol of a happy marriage.

In our time, these traditions are a bit forgotten,and very often the guys ask themselves: what rings are given when they make an offer, and is it worth giving a ring at all? Of course, the ring must be given necessarily. And which one to give a ring depends on the tastes of your lover. If she wears gold ornaments, it is better to choose a beautiful gold ring. It is best to make a ring to order, that it was elegant and unique, then the girl will be twice more pleasant to wear it.

what ring is given to the engagement
It used to be that the ring donated tobetrothal, should be with a diamond. It was this stone, due to its mysterious energy, strengthened the love of beloved and kept them together. Now the diamond is considered simply a luxury and beauty item. If you want to make an expensive gift, give a ring with a precious stone - it will be a pleasant surprise. A similar token of attention is one of the variants of what a ring is given when they make an offer.

Well, if your lady does not like goldornaments, give her something suitable for her tastes and preferences. It can be a ring of white gold, silver or platinum, with one stone, several or without them. But remember that she will have to wear this ring for life. It should be to your future wife's liking, otherwise she will constantly have a desire to remove the jewelry from her finger and put it somewhere far away - into the casket, for example.

Pick up the decoration in advance, which will becombined with your wedding rings. "What ring is given to the engagement?" - you can take the answer from the past. According to ancient traditions, it is believed that the engagement ring is a symbol of strong love, conjugal fidelity and tenderness of feelings, and wedding rings are a social symbol of matrimony. These two rings should be worn together - on the same finger.

what rings are given when they make an offer
There are some more nuances of the ringgive when they make an offer. It is very important to choose a ring in size and design. It, of course, then can be expanded or narrowed in jewelry establishments, but your girlfriend will be much nicer if you guess right away. Go for some trick and find out or measure the size of the ring so you do not have to redo it. Now you know exactly what ring they give when they make an offer.

The main thing is that the ring, given for the engagement,was chosen with love and symbolized sincere and warm feelings. And the cost of the ring, the design and size of the stone - it's just a formality, which should not be taken into account if you love each other.

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