How not to spoil the first date with a man: advice of a psychologist


The first date is one of the most excitingevents in the girl's life. Especially if it's a meeting with a man of dreams. It's no secret that the beauty of the first date is that it will never happen again. That's why the girls are so carefully prepared for it, they are nervous and dream that everything went perfectly.

To be on top in this fateful evening and subdue his chosen one, the girl must think through everything. And this concerns not only clothes and ornaments, but also the manner of communication, and etiquette.

First date with a man: advice of a psychologist

A huge role in the development of subsequent relationswill have a first impression. Therefore, before going on a date, you need to positively tune in and try to please the chosen one not only externally, although this is very important, but also internally, to be an interesting interlocutor and self-confident person.

First date with a man psychologist's advice
Do not just be afraid and try to please the chosen one, as a rule, this behavior has a negative effect. Remember! A man likes to be a conqueror and a hunter.

Relax, imagine all kinds of optionsthe development of your date. Mentally prepare for the fact that your second meeting may not be. Try to behave naturally and liberated. After all, the body language and gestures are the most powerful weapon in the hands of a woman. But only the correct use of it can destroy and permanently bind to you a man, conquered by your beauty.

Meeting point

What if the long-awaited moment has come and the man invites you on a first date? Choose a meeting place if it was not offered by your partner.

Making a choice, it is necessary first of all to think, will bewhether it is affordable to your chosen one. After all, it may be that, having treated you once with collection wine, he decides to find a lady of the heart with more modest requests, which he can easily satisfy and not get in the mud with his face.

First date with a married man psychologist's advice

If the place is chosen by a man, and you are invited toa luxury restaurant, first of all you need to take into account the laws of expensive service. In such a situation, when a person becomes part of the system and behaves like everyone else - stiffly and arrogantly, it is very difficult to establish relationships and understand what kind of person is sitting next to you.

Uncomfortable atmosphere

If the date passes in a coffee shop with a lot ofsmall tables, loud music and children's screams, it will be simply impossible to tune in to each other. Therefore, choosing a place, it is worthwhile to think in advance whether you will have the opportunity to form a joint personal space where no one will interfere.

When space is organized, for a womanit is important to sit down at the table correctly. If this is the first date with a man, the advice of a psychologist can be extremely controversial. For example, some believe that a woman should sit on the side of the man at an angle of ninety degrees, while others insist that the partners should sit opposite each other. Many women deliberately avoid the second option, finding it more intimate and suitable for those who have known each other for a long time, and the meeting considers only a formality.

Choice of occupation

What to do at a romantic evening, after allconversations can quickly become boring, and sitting in silence is not a good idea for those who want to continue the relationship? Learn in advance what is interesting to a person. Try to write down what he enjoys in his spare time. And then, if there is an awkward pause, it can always be filled with talk about your favorite movie or book. Discuss the possible options for your subsequent visits, suggest something unusual. For example, a picnic in the forest or kayak rafting. Listen to the wishes of your chosen one. Perhaps, without understanding it, he will give you an idea.

Behavior of the girl

So, you have your first date with a man. How to behave in order to please him? It is very important to behave naturally and openly. If you really need this relationship, and you went on a date not because of boredom, give up hypocrisy and desire to embellish your life. After all, sooner or later a man will know the truth, and you will have a reputation as an inventor or even a liar.

 first date with a man as a guide

Working on yourself, do not forget to look at thison the behavior of the gentleman. Persistent, impudent or vulgar behavior indicates that his intentions towards you are not serious, and he is motivated only by the desire to spend the night with you without obligations. In this case, the decision is yours. Want to conquer the insolent - surprise him. Do not want to become one of his numerous mistresses list - run, do not look back, do not pick up the phone and do not make a second appointment, do not be afraid to give up.

Meet on clothes

Choosing an outfit for the first date, how to impress a man, and not to make him run away in terror or ashamed of his passion? At least once in a lifetime every girl asked herself this question.

A man is a woman on a first date

Begin to prepare for the event in advance.It is especially important for a few days before a romantic evening to go to bed as early as possible to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. If the appointment is scheduled for the evening time, start preparing in the morning, take a bath, refresh the manicure and pedicure, think about the hair and make-up. Do not experiment with appearance for a couple of hours goodbye, it's better to do it in advance. Prepare clothes and carefully think over accessories for it.

If you are going on a first date witha man, advice of a psychologist on choosing the right clothes will be right. And for this it is not necessary to sign up for an appointment with a specialist, it will be enough to open any thematic journal or chat with a free Internet consultant.

When choosing a holiday dress, it is worth considering, first of all, about where the event will take place - in a cafe, restaurant, theater, museum, square, forest or stadium.

Do not dress too much to go to the forest orsquare. Otherwise, the meeting can turn into a real flour, because you will not think about the beauty of nature and the chosen one, but about how not to break the heel, and how unnoticed to correct the skirt that has slipped aside.

Hairstyle, as well as clothing, shouldmatch the image and place. It is not necessary to do too complex a hairdress or plentifully to water a head with a varnish for hair. Try to look natural, but well-groomed.

A man invites a first date

Well-groomed and natural is whatthinks every man is sexy. The woman, on the first date trying to make an impression, sometimes acts on the principle of "all the best at once", so often comes vulgarly painted, that only frightens the potential chevalier.

To arrive on time or be late?

Punctuality is a quality not inherent in everywoman. When going to a romantic meeting, psychologists advise not to hurry and be a little late. This should be done in order not to come first and thus not put in an embarrassing position a young man who made you wait. However, if you still decide to be a little late, remember: do not be late for more than ten minutes. Otherwise, the gentleman can simply not wait for you. If a man comes in or comes for you home, there can be no talk of being late.

Interesting companion

What questions to ask a man on the first date? Those to which he will easily answer. For example:

  • Hobbies and hobbies. Learn about how he spends his free time.Memorize everything, what your elect speaks. After all, at home you can study his hobbies in detail. And in the next meetings, talk with him about his hobby on an equal footing.
  • Friends, acquaintances, parents. Talk about his family and tell us about your family. Ask how he met his best friend, and how his friends treat him.
  • Family status. To find out whether a man is married or not, it is better at the first meeting than later, when it will be much harder to part with a person.
    mistakes on the first date with a man

If it turned out that the marital status you do notconfuses, and you do not pretend to a serious relationship, but you want only entertainment, professional advice will come at the right time. How to behave, if your first date - with a married man? Psychologist's advice:

  • Do not ask for your divorce from divorce and do not interfere in his family affairs. Listen carefully to everything that he tells you about his wife, without expressing his opinion.
  • Do not advertise your relationship with a married man, do not force him to take joint photos or attend social events with you.
  • Do not be too intrusive, let the young man himself choose the date and time of your next meeting.
  • Do not beg for gifts or money. Otherwise, the elect will lose confidence in you.
  • Do not forget that your chosen one is not free. Do not make serious plans for him, dreaming that one day you will take his wife's place.

The most common mistakes on the first date with a man

If the evening is coming to an end, and the date of the next meeting is not appointed, this may mean that the man considers further acquaintance with you meaningless.

Why did this happen? There can be several options:

  • vulgar behavior;
  • bad habits;
  • loud, unnatural laughter;
  • lack of culture and behavior;
  • talk about a joint future;
  • tantrums;
  • stories about his former lover;
  • different interests and views on life.
    First date how to impress a man

Despite the fact that there will be no continuation, keep cool, kindly say goodbye and thank for a great time. Do everything to your meeting ended on a pleasant note.

When you are going on your first date withman, advice of a psychologist can be very useful, but do not blindly believe books and specialists. Act as your heart tells you. Try to make a good impression on the partner, so that he, without hesitation, invited you not only for the second, but also for the third date.

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