Means for narrowing the vagina: the main varieties and their effectiveness


Vaginal narrowing has recently becomeall the more relevant. Now it is freely spoken about this problem and it is possible not only to acquire a means for narrowing the vagina, but also to use various adaptations and other methods.

Why narrow the vagina?

What prevents a large vagina?At the same time, pleasant sensations during sex are significantly reduced, since close contact with the sexual partner is lost. In the large vagina, the male's sexual organ affects the nerve endings little. Therefore, sensitivity is greatly reduced, not only in men, but also in women. When a means is used to narrow the vagina, a tight contact is restored. The quality of sexual life is improving.

Vaginal narrowing means

Indications and contraindications

The agent for narrowing the vagina becomes necessary due to various changes in the female body:

  • after childbirth, when the walls of the organ are strongly stretched;
  • when there are age-related changes that caused an increase in the vagina;
  • decreased satisfaction from sexual intercourse;
  • stretched the vagina due to loss of muscle tone;
  • there are signs of a prolapse of the uterus.

The vagina can be narrowed with the help of a surgicalsurgery or special exercises, but for them there are some contraindications, most often of an individual nature. Also, not all women will be different for the narrowing of the vagina means.

Reviews say that sold in pharmacies ointment,Gels and sprays can cause allergic reactions. Various adaptations in the form of balls, chopsticks, etc., sometimes cause irritation. Each drug has its own contraindications, which are prescribed in the instructions for use.

the best means for narrowing the vagina

Basic Methods

The main methods of narrowing the vagina can becarry surgical intervention. But this method is used only in the presence of anomalies or in the inefficiency of other means. There are many non-surgical methods. These exercises, gels, medications for narrowing the entrance to the vagina. And various auxiliary products in the form of balls, rods, etc.

Ointments, gels, sprays

Now it is not a problem to acquire funds fornarrowing of the vagina in the pharmacy - gels and ointments in them are available in a wide range. They contain tannins, which strengthen the muscle tone of the walls and improve the condition of the mucosa. One of the most effective is "Naron-gel." This drug is produced and in the form of a cream. It eliminates excessive dryness and at the same time relieves intimate organs from an unpleasant smell. When using the drug, the sensitivity during sexual intercourse is greatly improved.

The gel cream "Naron" consists of naturalingredients. The product contains a lot of hyaluronic acid, arginine and peptides, which restore the damaged mucosa. The gel is very easy to use. It is applied in small amounts 2 times a day to the center of the vagina. It is used two to three times a month.

Herbal Spruce "ONA-9" - another new developmentto narrow the vagina. This is a Russian-made, plant-based product. The oil does not act immediately, but on the accumulation system, bringing the vagina into order gradually. For normal constriction, it is sufficient to apply it for 1.5 months. In some cases, it will take more time.

for narrowing the vagina means reviews

The effect persists for several years.There are practically no contraindications for the use of oil. Side effects in the form of redness and irritation are not observed. After application, no additional lubricants are required, since the product moisturizes the vagina well. The oil is applied to its walls in the evenings, in a lying position. If intimacy is planned, then the remedy is used after it.

Pills for vaginal narrowing

This is an excellent tool for narrowing the vagina, and theireffectiveness is confirmed by many women. Tablets are made on the roots of the mountain of Madula mountain and cut the walls instantly. Tablets dissolve very quickly, and 15 minutes after their use, the vagina significantly contracts. The tool contains:

  • aloe;
  • extract of rose leaves;
  • borneol;
  • the roots of Madula;
  • ginkgo;
  • extract of Indonesian saffron;
  • matrices.

Tablets for narrowing the vagina promotereduction of muscles, eliminate frigidity, restore hormonal balance. Other similar products are also made based on herbs. Almost all preparations contain tannins, which stimulate the muscles of the vagina. At the same time, the tablets have antibacterial action and eliminate unpleasant odors of the genital organs.

means for narrowing the vagina in the pharmacy

Chopsticks for narrowing the vagina

Wands «Doian Chka» - pharmacy fornarrowing of the vagina. They are developed according to the recipes of oriental medicine. Sticks are inserted into the vagina and improve its muscle tone. The drug has other advantages - it is both preventive and medicinal.

After using the sticks, the lumen of the vaginais significantly reduced. At the same time, a bactericidal effect is noted, inflammatory processes are carried out if they are present in the female genital organs. Wand is very effective after delivery. As a result of the application of this remedy, the damaged walls and cells recover very quickly.

Sticks consist of alum, talcum and pearlpowder. Additionally, medicinal herbs and other components are added to the product. The wand is used simply. It is wetted with water or coated with a special gel. Then it is introduced by a rapid movement in the vagina for half a minute. During this time, it has the necessary compressive action. Then the stick is extracted.

Balls for narrowing

Special balls - the best means for narrowing the vagina. Devices are made on the basis ofplant components and are called herbal. They well narrow the vagina and have an anti-inflammatory effect, while also eliminating pain during the menstrual cycle.

The composition of the balls includes bamboo charcoal, oak gallaand other exotic ingredients. After the use of the drug, the vagina narrows through tannin and other astringents. In the balls there are no chemical and hormonal components, so contraindications are practically reduced to zero.

The agent is inserted into the vagina one at a time in the vagina.a week. At a narrow entrance it is necessary to grease it with gel, in order to avoid microtraumas. Balls are inserted into the vagina by 5 centimeters at least six hours before sexual intercourse. The action will last for two days. Even after the balls are used to stop, the vagina will gradually contract itself.

pharmacy for narrowing the vagina

Candles to reduce the vagina

Special candles - another means for narrowingof the vagina. They help restore the elasticity of the walls, while protecting the mucous membranes from bacteria that are discharged to the outside with mucus. Thanks to the increase of the muscular tone of the vagina, it is well moisturized and the pleasure from sexual intercourse increases.

Folk remedies

There are also folk remedies for narrowingof the vagina. One of the most effective infusions - from the bark of oak. For infusion, take 50 g of the dry powdered component and fill with a glass of hot water. Then the liquid is infused for one hour. After the product has completely cooled down, a cotton swab is moistened in it and placed in the vagina for the night.

It helps to reduce the infusion of mint.Take one tablespoon of the crushed leaves of the plant and pour 200 ml of boiling water. The drug is infused for five minutes. Then it is filtered and cooled. I need to rinse off intimate places. In the event that the oak bark is added, a tampon is wetted in the product and inserted for a short time into the vagina.

Some recipes contain a recommendation foruse for the narrowing of lemon and manganese. But these funds can not be used categorically, since such a mixture will not only cause a chemical burn of the mucous membrane, but also completely kill the beneficial microflora in the vagina.

folk remedies for narrowing the vagina

Exercises for narrowing the vagina

To narrow the vagina helps well gymnasticsaccording to Kegel. Exercises are easy to perform even at work and on trips. But beginners are advised to first perform gymnastics while lying down. If the exercise is performed with difficulty, then the number of repetitions is reduced for a while. Gymnastics should be performed at least twice a day.

You need to lie on your back and bend slightly at your kneeslegs, just to spread them apart. The right hand should be placed on the abdomen, the left hand should be placed under the buttocks. The second initial position is lying on the abdomen, with legs extended and slightly apart.

Once you have the right posture, you need tostrain the pelvic muscles and begin to rhythmically compress and relax them. This exercise is repeated ten times. A little more difficult option is to squeeze the pelvic muscles and hold them in this position for 10 seconds, then relax. The exercise is performed at least ten times.

During urination, you need to try to delay the process for a couple of seconds using tight muscles. But use for this only the pelvic. The exercise is repeated every time you urinate.

means for narrowing the vagina and their effectiveness

During gymnastics it is important to monitor your breathing.It must be deep and slow. During exercises, you can not use the abdominal muscles, only the pelvic should be involved. Do not over-strain or zealously, as this can cause cramps.

To quickly narrow the vagina, you can useSpecial creams, which are sold in pharmacies. Applying any remedy, you need to follow the rules of hygiene. Before using creams, gels, balls, etc., it is necessary to thoroughly wash out the genitals. If the funds are applied to the surface, then only on dry skin, with light massaging movements. Before using creams, globules, pills and other medications, you should read the contraindications.

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