How to surprise a husband: several rules of an ideal intimate life


When trembling romantic meetings outgrowin a serious relationship, all the secret becomes apparent. Often during a married life, and especially after a birth of the child, sex becomes fresh and monotonous. And then the keeper of the family hearth, nervously biting her lips and shedding bitter tears, asks herself: "How to surprise my husband?".

Every woman knows the feeling when you notice,that once a boy in love with the ears stops paying attention to you: he does not notice a new outfit in the wardrobe, hair color or hairdo. At this stage, the woman first asks herself: "How to surprise my husband?". But often, passionate about her problems, she immediately forgets about the wife. Often this leads to resentment, quarrels, the appearance of complexes and even the destruction of strong, seemingly, marriages. However, if you look at the situation through the eyes of a man, everything falls into place.

The end of romantic relations is a forebear of trouble

Remember how you, immersed in a love pool withhead, clock spun at the mirror before the first date, as they bought the most "delicious" perfume, they dressed only what the man likes your dreams and cooked only in the way that he loves. Over time, the desire to please the man evaporated. You cease to worry about sex life, you no longer think about how to surprise your husband. It's silly to think that the husband does not notice this. Do you remember the saying "A man loves his eyes"? And it does not matter, do you really look like a girl from an erotic magazine. The main thing is to show that it is important for you to feel welcome. A man will certainly appreciate it.

Often the question "how to surprise a man in bed" catches a girl by surprise. And then, confused, she rushes to find the perfect solution.

Sexuality is your main weapon

In fact, this method does not exist: every man is individual. But there are some tricky tricks how to surprise the husband, which every representative of the stronger sex will definitely appreciate:

  • Be more cheeky in bed. Intercept the initiative, buy candid lingerie and stockings, do not hesitate to offer your own development of the game, and then the question "how to surprise your husband" disappears by itself.
  • Find the strength to overcome your complexes. Remember that your man loves you, real, so the eternal discussion of excess weight on the hips can not only embarrass, but also depress the chosen one.
  • Try to talk about relationships one-on-one. The question "how to surprise a husband" should not be set in void. Do not be afraid to ask your lover about his desires.

Women are used to think that absolutely all men think alike. But in fact, this is far from the case. Your lover, first of all, is a person, and only then is a faithful husband and father.

Trust - pledge of complete hormone in bed

Therefore, the main thing that a partner expects at the time of intimacy is a frank conversation.

And no matter how absurd it may sound, a man, for all his polygamy, needs a single woman. It is the one who will understand it and support everything in everything.

When you learn to freely, feel free to talk about "these" topics, discuss personal life, only then in bed will come full idyll, and sex will give new impressions and colors.

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