How to write your favorite letter to the army?


Not all relationships survive the testdistance. But if you still have to part and the guy needs to go into the army, how can you keep all the personal and tender that is in the soul? There is always a way out. An excellent solution can be written to your favorite letter to the army.

beloved letter to the army

Why is this necessary?

Often communicate on the phone and talk about theirlife guy in the army is unlikely to be able to, because there is a certain discipline, and the continued use of mobile phone is not welcome. So it's good to remember the past and start writing your favorite letters. This is not only necessary for communication, such letters are often awaited by the guys with impatience and trembling, not paying special attention to the burdens of daily service. In such a pleasant expectation, time passes quickly.

What do you need?

What you might need to write to your loved oneletter to the army? Everything is simple: a pen, paper and an envelope with a stamp. However, you can decorate any letter with a few colored inks. In the envelope, you can also attach a postcard or a cheerful calendar, a drawn drawing or a printed photo. A young man will be pleased to find something interesting, in addition to the text, although he will be the main one.

letter to the army of the beloved guy


How to write your favorite letter to the army? It is worth remembering that it is necessary to start with treatment. Such words as "favorite", "dear", "desired" can be useful here. You can gently call your young man, so he plunged into pleasant memories of those times when he was with his beloved side.

Main part

Then the main part of the letter will go, wherethe girl will have a lot to talk about. What can I mention? How to make a letter written to a loved one in the army interesting and not burdensome? You can start with the main events that occurred in your hometown, tell you what happened. Then you can write some remarkable facts from the life of common friends, mention some gay gossip, men are also interested. You can write about where I managed to visit the girl for the time that has passed since the last letter: maybe there was some kind of excursion, interesting gatherings with friends, a fun party in the club. Describe all the events better only in a positive way, telling all the best. It is not necessary to send your loved one angry, negative and unpleasant letters, because the service in the army is not so bad, why should he make life even more difficult? We must not forget that a letter to the army of a beloved guy must be filled with tenderness, love. Describing the events, the girl should mention that everything was not so fun without a loved one, that she missed his embrace and just presence.

write a letter to your beloved in the army

Completion of the letter

If you want to write a letter to your beloved in the army,it is important to think about how to complete it. After all, from what has been said, remember what was said last. On this principle, and it is worth writing a message. So, to finish the letter well with the phrase "I'm waiting for you with impatience", "I love, I miss" and so on. The main thing is that thanks to these words the guy clearly got up and had enough strength to wait for the next letter from his lover.

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