How do a girl say I like her: some recommendations


how to tell a girl that I like her
Every day when you meet her, you get more frequentheartbeat, and your face lights up with a smile. It is possible that you fell in love. However ... as a girl to say that I like her, you think. The situation is not as simple as it seems at first glance. At the same time, this idea gradually creeps into your mind: how can a girl say that she likes me, for me it will not be difficult, but will my feeling be mutual? And soon you yourself begin to doubt the truth of your love impulse towards the opposite sex. In this case, you need to "gather the will into a fist" and openly express your feelings to the object of passion. However, there is nothing shameful in confessing to yourself that you absolutely do not know how to tell a girl that "she likes me" and to find the right words for this. Previously, passionate lovers invented enough ways to express their feelings, and they can be borrowed without sufficient experience in expressing their love for the person they liked. After getting acquainted with the following techniques, you will no longer be asking yourself the question: "How can a girl say that I like her?"

First, you must be sincere when you areconfess their feelings. Invite the object of your desire for a romantic date. Your communication with the girl should proceed openly and naturally, without any hint of hidden intent. If you, for example, go to one sports section, then after class suggest that you take her home. If you have common friends with her, then, being in their circle, you can tell her that you have been hoping for a meeting for a long time.

Secondly, you can charm the young lady. Give her a chic bouquet of flowers and send it by courier directly to work. If she is studying at the university, then bring the bouquet to the audience. If you are not "from the timid dozen," then try to get to her by the fire escape or confess your feelings to the girl in writing.

"How do I write to a girl that I like her?"" - you ask. It's simple: write three words: "I love you" under her window - and she will appreciate it. Do not forget to ask for her phone number - you will have an additional opportunity to correspond with her. It should be remembered that you can not go beyond the limits of what is permitted - it is necessary to be extremely polite and cultured with it.

It is possible that you are asking yourself the question: "How to show the girl that I like her?" And there is an answer to it. First of all you need to win the trust of your young lady. Let her understand that you are always ready to help her at a difficult moment. For example, if she has a problem with the computer, help her with her own efforts (if you understand, of course), or with the help of your friends.

how to show the girl that I like her
If you find a broken thing in her house,take the initiative in eliminating this problem, without waiting for the girl herself to ask for it. It will not be superfluous to invite a young lady to an evening pastime, while buying tickets for a concert or a movie.

You should be aware that any methodthe conquest of the heart of a young person is good, and there is a huge number of them. There would be imagination and imagination! If one method of seduction has not approached, then use another - and you will succeed!

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