How to get a guy with their actions?


When the relationship in the pair only develops andthere comes a moment of intimacy, then lovers, as a rule, do not think about how to get a partner, they just pounce on each other and in a fit of passion they do not notice how quickly everything happens. This sweet moment is familiar to everyone without exception. And the focus lies in the novelty of sensations and unknowing, each partner wants to know the body of his lover. And this is truly wonderful!

However, in any relationship there comes a time whenall the corners of the body of the beloved are known, they are not less attractive, but that acuity of sensations is no longer there, so each time one has to invent something new to create the illusion of the unknown. Such is the nature of man, it draws all new and unknown. Therefore it is necessary for your loved one to constantly be a mystery, it is known to many girls.

But how to get a guy during intimacy, if your relationship has long passed the line of novelty of feelings?

Women from time immemorial had many tricks andtricks that allowed them to master the male attention and bring them into a state of excitement. Surely, you know many ways, but you do not even know about it, just nature thought for us.

In this article I want to give some tried and true ways how to get a guy.

Let's start with the easiest (in terms of eroticism, butnot in execution!), with views. The view plays a very important role in your relationship. How much you understand and feel each other's views, very much influences the degree of receptivity of your lover. The view must be flamboyant, meaningful, you must know what you want and show it to your partner (a look, of course!). If you are in a society, in some company, then it's time to "play with views." Usually this is called coquetry. But the essence is one: you need to let your partner know that you are ready to be close to him, and you are looking forward to it.

Then you can apply more targetedactions, for example, go up to him, sit down on his knees and begin to whisper tender words in your ear (you can pick up another character of the word, this is for your taste), while gently touching his face, nape, ear, barely touching his fingers. It is possible to hold claws on the back, some men are strongly wound up.

But the evening is coming to an end and you, finally,soon you will be at home, and you can retire from annoying people. And here you can apply the following method: before leaving the guests, the restaurant, etc. you go to the restroom (well, as usual, paddle the nose), and there you write a sweet text message. The content can be anything, it all depends on your imagination. You can write something like "I so want your strong hands to caress me all night ...". To get a guy on SMS at the end of the evening will be the final step to mad sex this evening.

Well, and when, finally, you are left alone, here you can already apply all your spells and spells.

I think how to make a guy a kiss, so youyou know, but, nevertheless, I'll tell you a little about it. There are many different ways of kissing, but we will not talk about them today. The most important rule: to play the game! Men are hunters by nature and they like to play with prey, they need the illusion of victory. You have to flirt, repel (but not strongly, naturally!) And yet attract, give your kisses as a gift, and then surrender to the mercy of the winner. This game is accepted by many couples who have been together for many years.

There is another proven way to startguy (it's for a change): dance. If you know how to move, and plastic your horse, then you can dance for your beloved striptease, gradually undressing and involving him in the dance. I give you my word that he will not even be able to wait until the end of the dance, and he's yours!

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