Morning riser, or Spontaneous erection. What is the reason?


Every healthy and full-fledged man hasmorning there is an erection, or, as people say, the morning riser. And, probably, any of them at least once asked about why this is happening. However, not only the representatives of the stronger sex are interested in the reasons for this phenomenon. Women are not less interested, especially for mothers who have noticed a son like that. The morning riser is not a show and not a tragedy, but the first sign that a teenager is becoming a man. Some even begin to scold (!) The child for such manifestations of his nature, while doing so categorically impossible, if only because it is impossible to control the morning riser. This is not in our power! This is inherent in nature. Believe me, it's better that he still was.

morning riser

The morning riser is what?

Erection, especially the morning, is one of thesigns of a healthy male body. This phenomenon is associated with sleep phases, which can be slow or fast. The slow phase lasts an hour, or even more, and the fast one - about twenty minutes. Overnight, the phases are replaced. During the activity of the fast phase, a person sees dreams, his pressure and body temperature increase, and it is during this period that the penis begins to rise in a man. And the most interesting is that this type of erection can not be controlled. It is for this reason, when a man wakes up, his sexual organ can be in a standing position. And it does not matter if your dream was erotic or not.

Factors provoking the morning riser

Also, the penis can rise whenthe bladder is full. Since at this time the spinal center receives impulses. It is worth while a little excited, immediately the process of erection takes effect. When a man is calm and relaxed, his sexual organ receives little arterial blood. And if he had been in this state all night, he would simply have lacked oxygen.

no morning riser
Cages can not stay in such a long timestate, so they begin to be excited, which, in fact, leads to a rise. If this does not happen, you need to see the doctor, since impotence can be just around the corner. Erection is especially useful when a person does not have sex.

Many people say that the erection comes closer toin the morning or at night. In other words, if a man has woken up and does not have a penis, it can be concluded that awakening occurred directly at the time of a slow phase of sleep. Also, an erection can occur due to the fact that the body carries out biological treatment. In general, an erection is a phenomenon when blood flows to the reproductive organ. This process can be observed in the daytime, but most often it happens in the morning.

What do you need for full-fledged masculine health?

For health, a full and comfortablesleep. First, it must be continuous, that is, at least seven hours. If a man is constantly nedosypaet, there may be violations of the hormonal balance, for example, a sharp increase in weight. It is necessary to sleep in total darkness and in silence. As irritants contribute to anxiety and increased irritability. Which, of course, can not but affect the general condition of the body, and on erections in particular. By the way, despite all sorts of research, experts still can not understand why the morning riser in men is needed.

morning riser in men
Nevertheless, every morning the sexualmember only in those representatives of the stronger sex who suffer impotence for some reason or another. Morning erections are mostly observed no more than half an hour, but there are also cases when the process is delayed for 2 hours. If the voltage persists for a longer time, you should consult your doctor. Erection - it's just a miracle of engineering mother nature. This state of the penis is observed in men and boys, and sometimes manifests even in embryos in the womb. Interestingly, in animals this happens only during and before mating. Spontaneous, including morning, erection is inherent only to man.

The morning riser disappeared. How serious is this?

Such a question is asked to doctors is not so rare. The reasons for such a violation may be different, but the name of pathology is one - erectile dysfunction. If the morning riser disappears, this does not mean that a man can be written in impotent. Impotence and erectile dysfunction are not the same concepts. Quite a lot of men in certain periods of their life have problems with achieving and maintaining an erection. This is facilitated by nervous tension, stressful situations, the intake of a large amount of alcohol and even the usual physical overwork. A healthy lifestyle, normal sleep and taking vitamins will fix the situation. If this continues quite often and regularly, then it is about erectile dysfunction. Here one vitamins and folk remedies can not be dispensed with, but it is better to go to a doctor. He, as a rule, finds out from the patient whether there is an erection at other times of the day.

the son has a morning riser
For this it is necessary to make simple paperring and put on the genital organ. If after a few days the ring does not change its shape, it is necessary to contact a specialist immediately to avoid problems. More often, pathology is treated by taking medications that increase potency.

What can I do to regain male power?

So, if you woke up and the morning riser is notfound, you should not panic. Perhaps this is a single case, caused by fatigue or overwork. In order for everything to stand on its own, you need to sleep and eat tightly. Not just because workaholics suffer from impotence and erectile dysfunction most often.

the morning riser was gone
There are a lot of reasons for this. Constant lack of sleep, terrible corporate malnutrition, irregular sexual life - all this leads to premature decay of reproductive abilities. However, this does not mean at all that it is possible to open a refrigerator, destroy supplies and wait for its appearance, dear ...

Erectile Dysfunction Diet

Despite the fact that today widely advertiseddrugs to improve potency, without the advice of a doctor can not take them. Having discovered that there is no morning riser, try to first determine the causes of this unhappy event. Of course, this is best done by a doctor, but our men do not really like hiking in polyclinics, they do not like to discuss trouble with strangers, especially if these problems are of a sexual nature. If you firmly believe that the morning riser is lost due to stress and unbalanced nutrition, increase the amount of milk, cottage cheese, seafood and dried fruits in the diet. They contain all the necessary minerals and trace elements that are needed for a normal erection.

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