Stylish wedding hairstyle for short hair with a veil


The wedding day for each bride is veryis important, and it should look stunningly beautiful and fashionable. There is a stereotype that a festive hair styling bride must necessarily be high and complex. Trends change over the years, and now even for short haircuts there is a huge amount of the most original and interesting ideas for creating a wedding hairstyle, and even a wedding hairstyle for medium hair with a veil is not a problem at all. In this season, accents are recognized, which are arranged with the help of the following accessories: tiaras, large hairpins, large flowers, miniature veils and bandages.

wedding hairstyle for short hair with a veil
Wedding hairstyles-2013, photos of which infashion magazines a great variety - it is, above all, a classic style. A bride without a veil is so hard to imagine. Whichever outfit the lucky girl has, but the veil must necessarily flash on the head of the bride. But what about those who do not own long curls? There is always a way out. Wedding hairstyles for short hair with a veil today will make any professional hairdresser, thanks to the abundance of modern styling products.

The tradition of wearing a veil on the day of the wedding appeared inantiquities. For example, in Rome, the veil was red and meant obedience to her husband. Greek brides wore a veil of sunny color, and its length symbolized a happy marriage. In Russia, in ancient times, the veil was played by a handkerchief, and the bride covered her hair and face. Women after the wedding did not have to remove the headscarf, it was allowed to show their hair exclusively to household members.

wedding hairstyle for medium hair with a veil

Today, the veil is a transparent veil,attached to the hair. It is mostly white, but other colors are also not excluded. It is decorated with rhinestones, live and artificial flowers, beads and crystals. A wedding hairstyle for short hair with a veil can be an excellent work of hairdressing art, the choice of styling is huge. You can experiment in everything from hair color to accessories. Styling plays an important role, and it must necessarily be in harmony with the dress of the bride.

wedding hairstyles 2013 photos

Wedding hairstyle for short hair with a veilcan be supplemented with flowers, openwork rosette, decorative elements, diadem, feathers. To the bride could choose an exceptionally successful option, a couple of tips it does not hurt:

  1. If the dress is made in a classical style and nothas bright decor elements, then the wedding hairstyle for short hair with a veil should be complemented with elegant accessories, and the veil itself should be lush or long. However, accessories should not be massive. Otherwise, the hair will have to be disassembled during the celebration.
  2. If the bride chose a style style for the wedding"Artistic disorder" then it is necessary to take into account that it must be performed on a professional level, otherwise the image will turn out to be sloppy and even untidy.
  3. When choosing a luxurious dress, the wedding hairstyle for short hair with a veil must be stylish and noticeable.
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