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Each couple thinks about howimprove relations. After the period of mutual euphoria ends, it is advisable to look for ways to enhance passion. After all, this is preferable to the accumulation over time of irritation on the partner. One of the options for solving the problem for modern couples are condoms "Durex Doual Ecstasy." Feedback helps to understand whether this is really so.

What Statistics Say

According to research, a man is able to experienceorgasm in 4 minutes, and a woman - in 10. Rather, it is the genetic memory that we got from distant ancestors, connected with the polygamy of the stronger sex and their accelerated rhythm of life in comparison with the beautiful ladies. But my beloved girl does not need to hear these explanations. For obvious reasons, the fact that polygamy, derived from ancestors, does not accompany the improvement of relations between lovers.

As the statistics show, partners are capable ofto reach orgasm simultaneously in 27% of cases. But many women do not agree with this, because men really achieve orgasm much faster.

durex duality ecstasy reviews

Slow it down, speed it up

The world has changed, it values ​​harmonious andstable pairs, relations in which are even. Such people are more in demand at job placement, cause respect. But how to keep the freshness of relations for a long period, and it is desirable to permanently? Each pair discovers individual methods for themselves. The company "Durex" offers lovers an excellent solution that allows you to achieve harmony. Slow down the offensive of male orgasm and accelerate the female designed condoms "Durex Doual Ecstasy."

Reviews confirm that many couples, even for the sake ofinterest tried a novelty. Inside the condom is an anesthetic (benzocaine), designed to slow the ejaculation of men. And on the surface of the "Dual Ecstasy" ribs and pimples are made, the purpose of which is to accelerate the onset of female orgasm. When creating the product, the company was guided by the goal of achieving simultaneous reception of orgasm by both partners.

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Condoms "Durex Dual"

Very many couples after watching the adbecame interested in the novelty "Dyureks". The price is quite high and is 765 rubles per package of 12 pieces. But this does not stop lovers. Especially "Durex" - a well-known brand that offers contraceptives and other high quality products. The company's products are produced in the UK. Also, appropriate dermatological studies were performed. They showed that the allergy from the use of condoms does not arise. The length of the products is 19.5 cm, and their width is 56 mm.

Condoms "Durex", the price of which differs independing on the characteristics, are really reliable protection, as evidenced by the reviews of all the fans of the trademark. But how is it going with respect to the "Dual Ecstasy"? Has the manufacturer succeeded in implementing the idea of ​​creating these condoms?

condoms durex dual

Positive opinions

Properties that customers liked, you can list in this way:

  1. Condoms thin, transparent, elastic.
  2. They wear easily and perfectly fit.
  3. Grease has excellent quality, is present in sufficient quantity.
  4. The smell of latex is absent.
  5. Contraceptives are strong.
  6. Allergic reactions are absent.

"Durex Doual Ecstasy", the description of which is onpacking, possess worthy quality. This can be said about every product of the company. Therefore, you can buy any kind of condoms with "closed eyes". The goods in any case will be decent.

durex dual ecstasy description

Negative customer feedback

Of course, each person's feelings are individual. And it should be borne in mind that buying can significantly help a man and a woman to become closer or not to fulfill the expectations placed on it. Along with positive responses, the amount of lubrication in condoms was considered by some clients to be small. Comments of women note the problem of rubbing.

In any case, consumers believe that the costThe contraceptive is high. In addition, not all women are satisfied with the ribbed products. Spines are also not pronounced, because condoms "Durex Dual" have a relief surface. It is represented by the manufacturer as a way to accelerate the onset of female orgasm. In fact, many ladies noted that the effect is weak. The sensations of a man in a condom can be greatly inhibited. Therefore, some couples found products not suitable for themselves.

women's reviews

Marketing course

There are also testimonials,that condoms are felt in the same way as less expensive products of the same brand. Perhaps the attempt to "slow it down and speed it up" is a marketing move. "Durex Doual Ecstasy," reviews of which depend on individual characteristics, are designed to help couples establish a sex life.

In any case, it is better to first purchase the packagingfrom three pieces. So you can make up your own opinion about buying and decide for yourself whether you should make Durex Dual Extase a permanent part of your intimate life.

It should be borne in mind that for sexual relaxationaffects not only the "Durex Doual Ecstasy". Reviews can be for and against the goods. The bottom line is that the partners correspond to each other with respect to temperament, psychology and physiology. There are times when only a specialist can help, because a woman who is too cold and her hot partner, rather, should not rely on condoms.

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