Types of feelings - where such a variety?


Imagine for a moment that people have lostthe ability to feel anything. Absolutely. There is no hearing, no sense of smell, no color vision. People no longer feel any emotion. Suppose you are sitting in a circle of friends in nature, but you can not hear birds singing or playing the guitar, because now you can not hear music. Everything seems to you in black and white. Food also does not bring any pleasure. You are chewing something, simply because food is a biological necessity. On your faces an empty expression. After all, you do not feel heartfelt affection for one another. There is no laughter. There are not even smiles. There is no friendly sympathy, no quivering romantic feelings between a man and a woman, no sexual attraction .... How do you like this prospect? Yes, our life would be dead without the possibility to experience a huge range of feelings, inherent in a person from birth. Life would be uninteresting and terribly boring, is not it? Ah, what happiness, that people have such a variety of feelings and emotions!

The main types of human senses are acceptedsubdivided into higher and lower. To the lower senses are all the physical and physiological needs of man (satisfaction or dissatisfaction). To higher feelings - intellectual, moral, spiritual, moral values ​​of a person. It is the higher feelings that determine the personality of a person, characterize his inner world.

Kinds of feelings related to higher manifestations:

- Moral and moral feelings - values,experiences, intentions and actions of a person from the point of view of public evaluation. Each such feeling is divided into many deep shades. For example, take a moral feeling, like love. It includes many manifestations, desires, motivations and actions. Love can induce compassion, mercy, pity, caring and other manifestations of it. It is divided into the affectionate affection of family members and relatives, friendly sympathy, romantic and erotic love, and the highest kind of love - the moral principles by which a person is consciously guided in his life. All these kinds of feelings can be attributed only to one - to love. No other creature on earth has the ability to manifest such qualities and feelings - this striking difference raises man over the entire animal world.

- Aesthetic feelings - the ability to see andappreciate the beautiful. Only a person has a "built-in" desire to enjoy music, nature, a picture - the beauty that he contemplates every day. Hence the man's desire for art. Impressive works, whether it is a painting or a musical masterpiece - this line is inherent exclusively to the higher mind - the human.

- Intellectual feelings. Unlike animals, driven by instincts, a person is capable of thinking, analyzing, cognizing and other intellectual actions. Only people think about the meaning of being and solving global problems.

Different kinds of human feelings -evidence of our non-accidental origin. And the joy of life that we experience, thanks to our senses, is yet another proof of design, and not merely the accidental appearance of man among other living beings on our planet. Kinds of feelings of the highest manifestation - a unique opportunity, given only to man.

Functions of the senses: estimated, motivational, signal, expressive and a function that synthesizes irritants, help us to determine and judge the importance of something, to correctly prioritize our lives.

Take, for example, the most complicated sensory systemhuman, including the hands, ears, eyes and brain. These beautiful instruments, acting with amazing accuracy, allow us to be so multi-functional and able to create. It would seem that our hand is the same sense organ as the paws and in many animals. But how great is the gap of difference! Write a portrait, gently stroke the child, thread the needle, chop firewood or play the guitar - something a man can not do with his hands. In addition, the fingers are the most sensitive tactile sensors.

Variety, functionality and scaledepth of our feelings - one of the proofs that our body with its capabilities and abilities was originally thought out. And we are grateful for such a wonderful idea embodied in our life!

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