Wedding costume for men: how to choose?


In the preflight turmoil usually centralplace takes the choice of the bride's dress. But the wedding costume for men also plays a big role in the upcoming event. Gone are the days when a young man bought an outfit alone for all occasions: at the prom, at the wedding and the jubilee at once. Modern men perfectly understand the significance of their appearance, especially on such an important day as the day of their own marriage. And because the problem of choosing a suit is increasingly engaged themselves representatives of the stronger sex, and not their mothers, sisters and loved ones.

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Let's give some advice that will helpdecide on what should be a wedding suit for men. He must match the dress of the bride. As they say, "in one cart you can not harness a horse and trembling doe". So the suits of the groom and the bride, different in style, will look outrageously, and on the wedding day only harmony should reign around. Therefore, our first advice: buy clothes for the newlyweds after they choose the dress of the bride. Then wedding suits, photo and video shooting of young people, the overall style of the celebration will be in organic combination with each other.

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The second tip for a good choice: look in the mirror. Before choosing a wedding dress for men, evaluate the merits and demerits of your figure. Choose a suit model according to what you saw in the mirror. For stocky figures, it is better to prefer half-fitting jackets. For slim and tall men fit free double-breasted jackets. In addition, if the wedding style allows, do not stop on standard two-piece suits. Pay attention to vests, suits with tailcoats or tuxedos, for a solemn event, which is a wedding, they will be very relevant. Do not be afraid to use vests or costumes with ornaments, if it is not too variegated, such a costume will add a touch to your image.

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The third advice relates to the place of purchase. Everyone knows that the best suit is a suit made by a good master to order. If there is such a possibility, be sure to use it. In addition to the fact that the costume emphasizes your dignity and conceals shortcomings, you can choose the color and quality of the fabric, accessories and lining yourself. Remember, at the wedding, the groom should be a model of elegance. If you can not sew a costume, do not throw at the first suitable in size in the store. For men's wedding costumes, of course, prices can vary at times, but the quality of the finished outfit will also vary. So, by trying it on, evaluate the smoothness of the seams, the lining fabric. Cheap suits are often synthetics, and expensive models have silk. Also remember that a jacket and trousers can be sewn from different fabrics, the main thing is that they fit together.

And the last tip: a wedding costume for men always buy before the rest of the ensemble details. Already under its color, style and texture, choose a shirt, shoes, belt and tie. Otherwise, there is a great chance to miss and make a completely unnecessary disharmony in the image of the groom. Choose a suit with pleasure, do not be nervous and take your time, then it will look good and will not cause inconvenience in sock.

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