Letter to the army of a friend: give a small holiday


Let's not talk about whether a mandatoryMilitary service. It still exists as a given. Our brothers, loved ones and friends leave us for a while and come back by other people. Even the most independent and strong guys in the army are hard. Support for loved ones is important to any young soldier and every letter in the army is a holiday. How to write a letter to an army friend?

In the army so far, e-mail in mostof cases does not work, so you'll have to send the letter usual. If you want to time your letter to a specific date in a friend's life, count the time correctly so that the letter reaches the deadline. You will soon learn from experience how much your letter goes to the army. A friend will be very pleased that you remember about him. Even a small letter is carefully stored and re-read, because your friend is homesick and close to people.

You are at a loss and can not think of anythingwrite? Do not worry, it's not a letter to a pen pal, you know this person personally and have many common memories. It is the memory of the people who have been together the most precious. Especially if you remember good events. Life in the army is not an easy day and if you can help a person remember good things, it will help him to get distracted and feel better. There were cases when good and deep letters saved the life of the young soldiers who were grieving. However, be careful, do not write anything too personal, because a letter to an army friend can read a stranger. So be careful, use hints if you are not sure whether you should write about this or that.

It's still good to write about the friend himself, that youmakes friends. Write that you really miss him and his special qualities. Tell us about your news, even small and frivolous. Share news about common friends, maybe someone married, someone found a new job, someone is waiting for a child. Of course, it's not worth writing about the bad behavior of a girl in the army, let the tone of the letter be positive.

Insert in the letter jokes and anecdotes in the subject,let the letter be fun and informative. It's also good to include in your letter to the army your thoughts on life, this makes the letter especially personal. If you are both believers, you can write to him about God, about what you did in the near church and about the last Sunday's sermon. Even if your friend is not very religious, in the army he is likely to become closer to God, as happens with many. So a couple of words about God will be very close to everyone, except for explicit atheists.

It's also good to create a positive image for a friendfuture. Think about what you can do together when he returns home. Perhaps you have long wanted to go hunting together, or are you planning a business in which you think to take him as a partner, because you do not know anyone better than him? Write to a friend about this, this will make it easier for him to bear the army's hardships. Let him know that he has many interesting and bright events that you will experience together.

If this is your first letter to the army betterfriend, do not make it unnecessarily long. Ask questions about health and mood, ask them to send you funny army jokes "at first hand". Do not ask about the management and the terms of service, so as not to expose a friend. And do not expect an answer very quickly, the army does not always have the opportunity to immediately respond.

Write letters to the guys in the army - and your relationshipget stronger and become really verified. A person will come from the army quite different, but your relations with him will become much better, because you will be those who have not forgotten in a difficult situation. And while he is in the army - think about how to make him happy and cheer. Give a friend a holiday with a simple envelope with a letter. There is no better gift for the soldier.

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