What to give to her husband's calico wedding: the best gifts ideas


What to give for a cotton wedding to her husband

Calico wedding is traditionally celebrated lateryear after the marriage ceremony. The first anniversary is a joyful and exciting holiday, many spouses prefer to celebrate it with relatives and friends. But even if you are not going to arrange a noisy holiday, to think about what to give to a cotton wedding to her husband, it makes sense.

Is it worth following the traditions?

In the old days it was believed that the first year of marriage inin some sense test. Young husband and wife only learn to be one family. To the pleasant moments of this stage is the freshness and brightness of the feelings, while the routine and problems are not too many. And yet, what to donate to a cotton wedding to her husband? Nesprosta anniversary was named after the fabric. If you follow folk customs, gifts should be made exactly from it. In Russia it was customary to give clothes from calico, relatives and friends could also please their spouses with home textiles. It is not necessary to buy cotton gifts, but it makes sense to choose natural fabrics. When you congratulate your spouse, be sure to briefly tell him why the anniversary is called exactly so, and justify the choice of your gift.

Calico wedding what to give to her husband

Gifts for two

Despite the fact that the marriage union is still quitea few years, husband and wife are already close enough to each other and managed to find common interests and interests. If you do not know what to give to a calico wedding for your husband, think about pair presents. For example, you can choose the same t-shirts or sweatshirts for sports and walks. Very original look fashionable T-shirts, sold a set of "for her and for him." You can do it and it's easier to buy a set of expensive bed linen or pair of decorative cushions in the form of hearts. If the wife is fond of some needlework, it will be appropriate to gift, created by own hands. It can be an embroidered picture or a sweater tied by one's own hand. If you regularly visit a sauna or a bath, a good gift will be a set of towels or a cozy robe.

Congratulate with a cotton wedding

How to congratulate your husband on her husband's wedding?

Close people are able to choose gifts for eachfriend without too much meditation, and it does not matter what holiday - birthday or a cotton wedding. What to give to her husband, the wife probably knows for herself. If he dreams of a new gadget or a set of tools, and you have enough money, be sure to get what you want. A variety of romantic souvenirs are also appropriate, from a key fob with a photo to paired sets for tea or coffee. If you do not know what to give to a cotton wedding for your husband, try visiting a store of cool gifts. For a long time a cup or a souvenir medal for the first year of a joint life will be remembered. You can try to make a unique gift and with your own hands - print a calendar with marked personal holidays or write a small book about your love. Suitable for such a holiday and gifts for two, for example, something from the store for adults or a romantic dinner with a sequel. The main thing is not a gift, but attention, so be sure to congratulate your spouse, even if you do not plan a grand holiday. This is exactly the case when even a gift-bauble is better than nothing.

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