Original surprises for girls


There are many ways to surprise a girl. And it does not matter how long you are together, surprises for girls are very important. In this case, you need to show all your imagination, so that your lady of heart will experience the most incredible emotions. We present to your attention a selection of the most interesting ways to deliver your beloved unrivaled emotions and impressions.

surprises for girls

Surprises for girls

If you do not live together and you have a car,it is possible from the very morning to drive up to her entrance and wait for your companion to leave the house. On the hood put a rose and take a thermos with coffee and a couple of cakes or fruits. It is especially important to stock up on something delicious, if you know that your loved one forgets to have breakfast. Drink coffee together, eat cakes, and then take her to work. Such an act will be very unexpected and pleasant for her. If your lady herself goes to work by car, then you can prepare a large poster with an inscription about her feelings. Choose a place on the road where she will notice you and will be able to stop. In addition to the poster, take with you a surprise gift to the girl, so that her delight and joy would not be limited. In addition to these ways, you can surprise your girl with originality. Give her a book where she plays the role of the protagonist, and you are her brave and courageous knight. Do not be afraid to spice up the tale with jokes and illustrations in the form of your photos. Such a small surprise girl probably will like it.

surprise gift girl

You can play in the almighty magician. In advance, hide the gift or present in the bushes. As if accidentally passing them, suddenly get the object and give it to her. If you are afraid that someone else will find your gift, then you can do otherwise. Arrange a picnic with your beloved, and bury the gift close to the place where you plan to spend time. You can just get a small spatula during a picnic and, saying that you feel that somewhere there is a real treasure, start digging. But you can arrange a real quest: a treasure hunt with a map and assignments. Such surprises for the girls will be even more unusual than simply handing the coveted prize.

If we talk about romance, then you can rent a roomfor two. Such a surprise will perfectly suit both those who live together and those who have not yet passed to this stage of relations. The main thing is to make sure that your girlfriend does not have any plans for the upcoming evening. Take her away from work or school and take the most mysterious kind to your destination. Number, of course, should be pre-decorated with flowers, candles and prepare a bottle of champagne and fruit. Such surprises for girls are not too expensive and do not require much effort, and the effect of them is guaranteed stunning. The hotel room can be replaced by a house roof, having a supper there. It is important only to take care of decorating and creating a romantic atmosphere. It's better to spend such an evening when it's already quite dark to admire the stars. In addition, public surprises for girls are very popular now. You can hang a congratulation in the form of a billboard in the center of the street. However, it is worthwhile to understand that such a gift is for an amateur. Not every girl will react positively to her picture on the poster.

little surprise girl

All these methods are only a small part of what you can surprise your beloved woman. Do not be afraid to admire your girlfriend, because more than her smile and good mood there is nothing in the world.

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