Why do condoms burst: the main reasons


Sexual intercourse is a natural process that allows couples in love to express their feelings, and also to receive and deliver pleasure to the partner.

Condoms are the most common means of protection

Of course, contraception is unofficialrule, if the partners are not going to start offspring in the near future, and especially if they have a short relationship. The most popular means of protection are condoms. They help to prevent the risk of unwanted pregnancy and protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

why do condoms break?

Condoms are effective in most cases, but failure to follow the elementary rules of their operation can lead to damage to the condom.

Causes that lead to condom damage

Why are condoms torn? This question is asked couples who have had such an incident. Below are the most likely causes of this phenomenon. Let's consider more in detail, in what cases the condom is torn.

  1. Expiration of the product. When buying condoms, always pay attention to the expiration date indicated on the package.
  2. Incorrect storage conditions. In addition to the basic rules, such as avoiding hypothermia and overheating, try not to come into contact with other objects in a bag that can damage it. Do not wear protective equipment in the back pockets, as this can lead to mechanical damage, and lead to rupture of the latex.
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  3. Incorrect putting on. Excessive stretching, or, conversely, the formation of folds, also increases the chances of undesirable consequences.
  4. Marriage in production. If you use products of little-known companies, then it is possible that the product will initially be defective. To protect yourself from such surprises, do not save on protection, choose well-known brands and purchase condoms in a pharmacy. The world's leading manufacturers are very careful about testing their products, and can guarantee quality.
  5. Choosing the wrong size. Sometimes men give wishful thinking, and get condoms larger than required. As a result, the latex product does not fit snugly against the genitals.
  6. Insufficient amount of lubricant. In the case when a woman does not have enough lubricant, it is necessary to use a lubricant. Use water-based lubricants, as fats destroy the structure of latex and reduce the effectiveness of protection by 90 percent.
  7. Using two condoms at onceis one of the reasons why condoms are torn. Usually this method is used by men suffering from premature ejaculation. With the help of double protection they tend to reduce the sensitivity of the penis and prolong the love act. But in fact it turns out all is not quite so, condoms rub against each other and are damaged equally.
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  8. Prolonged sexual intercourse. Too long duration of a sexual act is not always good. This phenomenon is called retard ejaculation. Manufacturers of protective equipment strongly recommend changing the condom if the sexual intercourse lasts more than an hour and a half.
  9. Incorrect opening of the package. Many people in a fit of passion open the packaging with their teeth. This is not the best idea, because teeth can damage the product itself.
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  10. Each condom can be used for one sexual intercourse, after which it needs to be changed to a new one.

Why condoms break during intercourse

The main reasons why they are rushingcondoms are associated with non-compliance with the rules of their operation. And although during testing they are stretched, poured water, imitate sexual intercourse, but it is impossible to predict all human actions.

Why does a condom break during sex? The main reason is too active copulation. Even if you did everything right, but your passion and potential are very high, there is some possibility of damaging the latex product.

"Visit" - universal condoms

Condoms "Visit" - a classic option of protection, which will make sex comfortable and confident. They are made of natural latex and are electronically tested. Their shelf life is 5 years.

Condoms "Visit" can not be used with grease containing vegetable or animal fats, as well as petroleum jelly.

How to prevent damage to the protection

On the question of which condoms are not torn,There is no unambiguous answer, since the situations can be different. However, people who choose the products of well-known global brands, and follow all instructions for their use, with a guarantee of 99 percent, have nothing to fear.

why during sex is a condom torn

Couples, who often break condoms,it is required to change the company-manufacturer, as well as pay special attention to preliminary caresses, so that the woman has time to get excited, and a sufficient amount of lubrication was allocated.

Interesting facts about using condoms

A men's magazine conducted a survey, in which 100 men took part. He made it possible to identify the most frequently committed errors associated with condoms.

  1. A quarter of those interviewed confuse the wrong side and the outer part, and, having come to their senses, put on correctly. But on the outside, there may be a pre-ejaculate that contains sperm.
  2. More than half of the men admitted that they do not use additional lubricant, although they know that the native lubricant of the condom is short-lived.
  3. 80% of respondents do not check condoms before use for damage and expiration dates.
  4. 30% admitted that they are not in a hurry to leave the partner after orgasm. The problem is that the penis decreases in size, and there is a space between it and the latex product.
  5. Only 25% of respondents deploy a condom before putting it on.

Some of these data answer the question of why condoms are torn during intercourse.

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