Return of a beloved soldier, or how to meet a guy from the army


Traditionally, the army is considered the forge of thesemen. There, a man who before the service was simply young and inexperienced, acquires lacking experience in decision-making, responsibility, receives good physical training and moral training, which allows him to be considered an adult. That is why the meeting from the army of a close person - brother, friend, beloved - is a very important event. In fact, this is the birthday of an adult from a former teenager. How to meet a guy from the army, so he felt your love and admiration? Let's think together.

how to meet a guy from the army
The first thing that needs to be done is a solemnmeeting at the station, where the young man will come from the unit. Of course, this is a beautiful picture - a girl meets a guy from the army on the platform alone, but it's better to collect a big and cheerful company. Most likely, the guy during the service has become bored by his friends, relatives, and not just for you. Therefore, for a solemn meeting, arrange with his relatives, buy balloons and flowers, draw a welcome poster. So that everyone around saw - to you the long-awaited and very beloved person comes back. A good idea will be a common "chant" or a song dedicated to a friend who can all shout out or sing in honor of the returning soldier.

Because the army life is strict and subordinatea clear order, at first the demobilized soldier will not easily get used to the "citizen". Therefore, the correct way of meeting a guy from the army and not making a tense meeting is to arrange a walk around the city with his friends. If the weather permits, you can arrange a picnic in his honor. This idea is good, firstly, by the fact that walks, gatherings in nature help to relax remarkably - they are unofficial, do not require strict sitting at the head of the table or compulsory discipline. In addition, during his time in the army, a young man must have missed his native places and will gladly spend time outdoors in a familiar company. In addition, during such informal gatherings, everyone usually has time to share the most important news - who married, who left, from whom the child was born. Thus, after the walk, the former soldier will be more or less aware of everything that happened in his absence, and will not feel uncomfortable in further communication.

girl meets a guy from the army
The most famous way of meetingsoldier from the army, assumes a traditional feast. Usually his parents are involved in the organization of the demobilization. The festive table is laid, all the distant and close relatives, friends and neighbors are invited. Required home food - because during the service of your young man was hardly spoiled by delicious festive food. Therefore, it will be good if in this part of the preparation for how to meet a guy from the army, you will take an active part. In addition, it will show your benevolent attitude to the relatives of your chosen one.

During the feast for better communication, takeplace opposite the young man - so you can communicate in the company, and not dream, as if soon to remain only together. It is perfectly permissible to arrange cheerful contests and dances to create a relaxed atmosphere - the main thing is that everyone, starting with the originator of the celebration, be easy, fun and interesting.

how to meet a soldier from the army
But the best - before thinking, howto meet a guy from the army, unobtrusively to ask himself, what would he like to see your meeting. It is likely that he himself would prefer a romantic date together, and only then noisy festivals in his honor. In any case, do not press him, wait for him to immediately become what he was before the army - the process of adaptation after service in the armed forces is very often long and difficult.

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