A man who is more than a friend


Today about the friendship between a man anda woman argues very much. This concept among people of different sex is considered relative. After all, often with a woman a man becomes more than a friend. Their relationship from the outside looks suspicious and dangerous. What makes people so react to such a phenomenon?

More than a friend
The concept of "friendship"

Men and women have different meanings in thisword. Persons of the weaker sex consider their girlfriends to be someone who can be completely trusted, consulted and discuss various topics. For the stronger sex, the greatest friend is the person who is capable of acting. Men will not chat for hours on the bench. Rather, you will find them behind the fact that they are discussing the results of a football match. All of us have already had time to be convinced that stereotypes very much influence our consciousness. Friendship between different sexes exists regardless of whether we like it or not.

Why are we looking for a friend of the opposite sex?

greatest friend

Interesting is the fact that a mantries to make friends with an unfamiliar girl for his environment. But the ladies are trying to find a friend at work. They come to him during a break and share their experiences. Such a person can subsequently become more than a friend. The situation in such relations becomes clear, when among their participants there are people family. In some pairs taboos on some topics are imposed, and then the partners start looking for friends to discuss it with them. Usually this refers to experiences and emotions, wrong actions and other things. Many close friends do not exist. As a rule, there are comrades with whom it is pleasant to spend time together. But the one to whom you open your soul, there must be only one. Often it is difficult for a man to tell his wife that he was impressed by an occasional acquaintance or that their intimate relations ceased to excite him, as before. But the girlfriend will take it all right. She and the council will still give a sensible, and support morally. When people try to find an outlet, such attitudes acquire a slightly different status. This is how the real friendship is born. After all, it's hard for men to share their sore with their friends, and they should not be weak in their eyes. So they go for this to their girlfriends. But here you need to be very careful not to cross that line, beyond which it becomes more than a friend. It's very simple to spoil relations, and building them anew is much more difficult.

many close friends
Is real friendship possible?

Today such a concept is very rare. People should not be friends only on gender. They must first of all be worthy people. All human relations are very individual. Some will be friends and not feel the sex drive, and others will not be able to cope with it. Then a man for a woman becomes more than a friend. Women are happy to establish friendship, but men in this matter are more skeptical. In any case, such relations have a right to exist. Another question is that not everyone knows how to do this. But you can definitely say that friendship should be cherished. What gender is your friend - it does not matter at all, the main thing is that he is sincere and reliable. And in our time, such people are rare.

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