How to make an offer beautifully?


Many progressive people claim that the wedding- this is the last century, they say, civil marriage is more convenient and simpler. But a truly loving person, undoubtedly, will want to make his second half an unforgettable gift - a proposal of the hand and heart. This shows not only about unearthly love, but also about the fact that a man is ready for life in the family, is ready to take responsibility for his beloved and future children, in general - is no longer a boy, but a husband. And, of course, every true romantic wants to make a proposal to the girl in an original way, so that for the rest of her life, remember this touching moment.

how to make an offer
Let's talk about how to ask for handsbeloved beautiful, unusual and romantic. The very first way how to make an offer that comes to mind, of course, causes in the thoughts the following associations: rose petals, bathroom, champagne, candles. It is possible to make a proposal right in a thick foam, when your beloved will relax after a hard day. Engagement ring in this case can be put on a rubber duck, put on a floating candle or on the bottom of a glass for champagne, only in the latter case it is better to make sure that the girl does not accidentally swallow it.

Another original way to do itproposal, suitable for inveterate cinephiles. If you often go to the cinema, make an appointment with the management of the cinema in advance, so that your recognition and offer of the hand and heart passed as an advertising screen saver before the film. Then it will remain for small - do not be late for the session.

For the next option, how to make an offerhands and hearts, need the help of friends. In advance it is necessary to prepare for them identical T-shirts with the inscriptions "you", "you will leave", "for", "me", "in marriage", and for yourself to make the same with a question mark. At the next party, it's worth negotiating with friends, and when the girl appears on the doorstep, line up in the right order in front of her. At such statement of a question any will say "yes".

make an offer of a hand and a heart
If you prefer more traditionalways of how to make an offer, stop your choice on such an original option, like putting on an engagement ring of your beloved on your hand while she is sleeping. But how to wake her is a matter of your imagination. In the course can go anything: from a gentle kiss to strawberries with cream.

Those who can not imagine life without a computer canto offer such a method as to make an offer to a girl. We need to create a page dedicated to your love, arrange it with joint photos, music, and an option at the entrance to put the query "you marry me" and two options for an answer. A link to this page should be sent to the girl with any message that will interest her and make her immediately look through the contents of the link.

make an offer to the girl originally
In general, there are a lot of ways: from extreme offers of the hand and heart in flight, at the bottom of the ocean or on the climbing wall to quite tranquil and old-fashioned, but such touching and beautiful as dinner in a restaurant or just a walk in the park. But it is better to take into account the nature of your chosen one, so that the place and time when you ask for her hands, do not cause her discomfort, the need to change the situation. In general, think about its comfort and the relevance of the proposal made in a specific situation. And, of course, speak sincerely, without reading the text on a piece of paper, so that everything you say goes from the heart.

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