I wonder, what kind of kiss is it?


Adolescence, although rather heavy, butthis is also a very interesting period. At this time, the younger generation is trying to approach the adult life as closely as possible, getting acquainted with its individual nuances.

what a kiss is


All people know that without kisses, life is simply notcan be normal. Mom kisses her baby when she goes to work, her grandmother - her beloved grandson as a sign of great love, and the students - her teachers as a token of gratitude. Here and there can be a question, what are kisses: names, purposes, features.


Kisses that relate to the love sphere -that's probably the theme that will be of most interest to adolescents. So what is the kiss between lovers? Their varieties are quite numerous, they differ depending on the purpose, the number of feelings, in them nested, from the technique itself.

Simple and slightly more complicated

What is the kiss between a couple in love? It can be simple, everyday, which is simply called "smack". What should this kiss mean? Most often such chmoki are popular between friends and well-known people, which seem to indicate their circle of communication. If the guy kissed the girl, and the rest just said "hello", he most likely wants to give something like the following: "Hello, smile, this is my baby" or "That's who is most important in my life." More informative can be the "French kiss", as it is customary for us to call it. This is a longer fusion of two people into a kiss, when the language is still used. Such kisses are typical for a couple who have a pretty close relationship.

what are the kisses of the name

Other varieties

What kind of kiss is it? A kiss can be passionate, it is used at moments of closeness of lovers. He is called to inflame passion, drive mad, take prisoner. It is not worth kissing like this for people who are not yet ready to enter into sexual relations, because under the heady pressure of such touches with their lips, everything can change quite dramatically. Also, a kiss can be timid, when a guy (or girl) is not too sure that they want to do it, and confident, persistent, when a person consciously touches the lips of his half. Finding out what a kiss is, you can stumble upon such a variety, as a kiss investigator. It is characteristic for people who first touch their lips to each other and try to understand how they like what is happening, or someone else needs to work on the technique.

what are the kisses at the wedding

Depending on the place

A gentle kiss is an application of the lips to the eyes of a loved one.man, to his forehead. Harmonious - in the navel, in the armpit, in the chest (for men). This kiss is not yet rude, but it's not just tender yet. A chaste kiss can put a man in the hollow between the breasts of a lady or on her waist, and violent - in the area of ​​intimate areas of a woman. It is called violent, since it requires a huge amount of passion, but not because it does not require reciprocity.


It is also important to remember what types of kisses are worthuse on various holidays. What are the kisses at the wedding? It can be a simple "smack", maybe a French kiss for the newlyweds, when the guests shout "bitterly". Passionate or other types of kisses are inappropriate here. On holidays such as Birthday, etc., a solemn kiss is suitable - an easy touch with the lips of the cheeks, brushes, the corner of the lips of a person who is congratulated.

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