Who are the white gold wedding rings?


Today in the jewelry market there are ornamentsof all precious metals and stones in the widest price range. Including you can buy brooches, chains, pendants and wedding rings in white gold. What is this metal, and how is it better to wear it?

white gold wedding rings

It is a little known fact that gold inpure form for the production of jewelry is almost never used (except Japan). This is due to the physical properties of the metal: it is very soft and easily deformed. To add the necessary strength to its composition, additives are added, the so-called ligature. And it is on its components that the final color of the gold ornament depends.

When you buy for a future celebration andwearing white gold engagement rings, be sure to pay attention to the information on the tag. The fact is that this alloy is obtained by adding to gold in the main platinum, palladium or nickel. The latter gives the product an ignoble yellowish shade, and can also cause allergic reactions. Therefore, jewelry made with the use of nickel, virtually out of circulation in Europe.

It is rare in shops to come acrosswedding rings with white gold, complemented by blue, green and even black gold (obtained with the addition of rubidium, indium, etc.). This is because the exotic shades of precious metal are fragile enough, therefore only small elements are made of them. The chemical composition of some shades is unknown to a wide range of manufacturers, therefore, for example, products decorated with a metal of black hue are quite expensive.

wedding rings with white gold

What signs of the zodiac is suitable for wearing whitegold? Wedding rings, photos of which are presented on the page, are not contraindicated to Cancers, Pisces and Scorpions, although these are typical watermarks. And this is due to the fact that the metal is a white shade. In addition, any gold (red, pink, etc.) as a solar metal can be constantly worn by representatives of the signs of Leo, Taurus and Aries.

Wedding rings from white gold are betterbuy in well-known jewelry stores and never take it off your hands. Be sure to pay attention to the presence of assay stamps and imprint of the manufacturer. It's not so much the probability of buying a counterfeit (and it's high enough), but the fact that metals, and precious ones in particular, well remember information, including negative, that can get into your newly formed family, for example, from a stolen ornaments.

white gold wedding rings photo

Today engagement rings of white goldare realized in 585 or 750 samples. These figures mean that 585 mg of gold itself per gram of metal of sample No. 585, and about 23-28 mg of silver, 13-17 mg of palladium or nickel, 16 mg of copper and some zinc (8 mg) are present in the alloy. The sample No. 750 can be produced in two versions of the ligature:

  1. Silver (7-15 mg), palladium (less than 14 mg), nickel (up to 4 mg) and zinc (up to 2.4 mg).
  2. Nickel (7 - 16.5 mg), copper (up to 15 mg) and zinc (2 - 5 mg).
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