Reasoning: "Why do guys like a bitch?"


Why do guys like a bitch?This question excites the hearts of many young sweet creatures. Well, why such an injustice? Why do men prefer affectionate, gentle, economic girls to bitchy people who manipulate men's feelings?

why do guys like bitch
Probably, men like bitch, because they are masochists? They get pleasure from torments, nervous breakdowns, attempts to pacify the disobedient wayward girl again and again?

And anyway, do boys love bitch? Most likely, it turned into a popular myth, so old and unsightly. We decided to put everything in order, asking the opinions of the men themselves.

Bugs: male look

As men say: "Why do guys like a bitch?Yes, because they can diversify our lives. We go on dates with colored long-legged bitchesses, but we build serious relationships exclusively with loving, economic girls. " In truth, bitch practically no one really loves. However, this happens. In relationships with these individuals, the guys are attracted by the game, the desire to break the rebelliousness of the stubborn and point out to her the right place.

men like bitch
Stinging natures play in such an originalgame "closer-farther." The bastards first lure the men, and then repel, again lure and repel again. Over time, all men come to the conclusion that such long-legged "tricks" are needed only for games and sex.

In the end, why do guys like a bitch? Let's single out 2 main reasons:

1) Bitch attract strong guys with their inaccessibility.

2) Bustard male masochists love, as well as weak individuals who have grown up in the system of matriarchy.

Despite the external attractiveness of suchladies and all their acting talents, most men perfectly understand that such persons are very arrogant. And everyone knows that arrogance is teasing ego (I), so these girls do not care about the feelings of other people. Therefore, there is nothing to say about sincere love where the target is glory.

Other men say:"You know what irritates most: you give your heart a pathetic bitch, and then cry to your friend in the vest that she broke off the relationship and did not even deign to name the reasons for the break. And the eternal rottenness begins: women can not be trusted, they will betray, etc., guy, you yourself began to meet with a bitch, no one has dragged you off. So what were you waiting for? That at home it will turn into another creature standing by the hot plate? When meeting with a bitch, be aware that this is just a non-committal entertainment. "

Many guys like sympathetic and sinceregirls. The bites attract their external shine, but interest in them soon disappears. However, if a guy needs one-time sex, a bitch is a great option. They are traumatized in childhood personality, so they lie a lot, are obsessed with appearance, concealed and hypocritical. Bitch does not have pity for anyone, except for themselves, because they are controlled by their selfishness.

Many become so because at school there wereplump and ugly, they were mocked for a long time, they laughed ... Now they are grown, prettier, have a model appearance, long legs, but they have lost themselves irretrievably, just like sincerity.

guys like bitch
It turns out that the guys "love" a bitch with a view tohave fun, spend time, get to nothing non-binding sex. But they do not hurry to give their heart to them, because they perfectly understand everything and foresee the consequences of such a fatal mistake.

Self-sufficient men will never contactsuch a woman, they can do without worry and games from bitchy individuals. The bastards are full of energy, which they spend on intrigue and negativity. But in this vessel there is no place for love, so negative emotions take possession of a person.

A harmonious girl is very difficult to find, as well as a decent male representative.

And yet, why do guys like a bitch? They have not grown yet. It takes time for the man to realize the true state of things.

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