Compliments to girls about the eyes when appropriate?


What are some ways to attract attention?beautiful female? During their existence, mankind invented a large number of them. You can ask the lady that attracts you with gifts and flowers, you can sing under the windows of your own serenade, you can invite a girl to a restaurant, a movie, a date. All these methods, of course, are effective in winning the heart and hands of the lady, but here is where to start?

Of course, a very useful service will be complimented by the compliments of the beautiful woman.

What compliments are there?

You can praise the figure of the girl, her voice, herlaugh. You can say how you like the fragrance of perfume that she wears, how you like to look at her hair, arms, legs and much more. However, the most innocent and at the same time intriguing will be compliments to the girl about the smile and eyes.

beautiful eyes

Correct compliments - the key to success

When using compliments, you do not need toforget about caution. The right one will be a compliment that appreciated the obvious merits of your lady. Women are not as stupid as some men would sometimes like. If you praise the legs of the one who is aware that they (the legs) are slightly not perfect, you can forever remain in the number of people unpleasant for this girl.

Also, do not praise the "slender waist" lushvirgin and "charming voice" of the lady who is not deaf and understands that she has a low voice. In such cases, include your creative vision of the world and make a compliment worthy of it.

Now you understand how easily you can offendwoman, trying to praise. Surely you understand that beautiful compliments to girls about the eyes - this is the most "safe" compliments. No wonder all the poets of the universe, in the first place in their ode, praised the beautiful eyes of their chosen ones. They understood the way in finding a way to the woman's heart.

bright eyes

Praise the eyes

The eyes can be:bright, burning, burning, stunning, burning, hypnotizing, beautiful, bewitching, simply unforgettable. Choose any definition in order to tell the girl that you like her. Moreover, compliments to girls about the eyes come up is not difficult. Just open your heart and feelings and try to frame them in a compliment.

The view is also important

Along with chanting beautiful eyes, it is not superfluous to note the lady's magnetic look, unforgettable, penetrating into the soul and fascinating look.

Where are the compliments of girls about the eyes?

  • Almost anywhere and anytime.If your colleague in the office does not pay much attention to you, find the moment and say that her eyes are similar, for example, to the stars. The lady will be interested, and it will be easier for you to win the heart of an impregnable colleague.
  • Also compliments to the girl about eyes in transport, in a supermarket, in a museum, in park are quite pertinent.
green eyes

In many places to praise the look and eyes of the lady is notwill be considered shameful. Completely innocent graceful compliment about the eyes of a girl can be as much as the beginning of a wonderful relationship, and at least - a pleasant act that has lifted the mood for the whole day to the girl and you.

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