How to make your own wedding gifts: a selection of interesting ideas


own hands wedding gifts

You have found in your mailbox an invitation towedding? We know which question first arose in your head: "What to give to the newlyweds?" Today it became very fashionable to present newlyweds with handmade presents. They can be purchased in a chain of shops, ordered directly from the masters. But we recommend that you learn how to make wedding presents with your own hands. What exactly can be presented as favors handmade bride and groom, we will tell you in this article.


A set of napkins, towels or bed linen,decorated with embroidery - this is a very good idea of ​​a wedding gift with your own hands. On linen you can depict the initials of future spouses, a drawing in the form of hearts, rings, two pigeons, an inscription-wish for a happy family life.

To date, very important is the embroiderybeads. As a wedding gift, you can present a picture or an icon made in this style. It should be noted that making such an embroidered product can take several weeks or even months, it all depends on its size. So start to prepare it in advance.


original wedding gift with your own hands

Plaid, cushions, covers on stools, potholders -these are the things that create coziness in the house. Those who have knitting skills, without difficulty, can literally make these knitted accessories in a few evenings. Such a gift will be very pleased with newly married spouses, because, as a rule, the independent purchase of such trifles is postponed all the time "for later".


If you can draw or write beautifully, thenyou can turn ordinary plates and cups into an original wedding gift with your own hands. How? Buy acrylic paint and a set of plainware. And then it's a matter of creativity. You can write on the glass a beautiful wish to the married, draw an ornament, plot compositions or even portraits.

We make an album for photos with our own hands

Wedding gifts in scrapbooking technology arenovelty. Postcards, albums, caskets made in this style, look very impressive. Honeymooners need to be somewhere to store wedding photos? So, a handmade album, donated by you, will come in handy.

ideas of a wedding gift with your own hands

Bake a cake with your own hands

Wedding gifts in the form of sweets alsoare relevant. If you know how to cook and decorate cakes, then present it as a festive presentation. Only pre-warn the organizers of the celebration that you will cook the sweetness. Then, when making the menu, the cake will not be included there, which will significantly save the wedding budget.

wedding gift with your own hands

"Masking" for notes

If the bride is going to donate money, then they can be hidden in a handmade envelope. Make it recommended in the technique of origami and decorate with applique or elements of painting.

Very popular are bouquets of bills,which you can also arrange with your own hands. Wedding gifts in the form of flowers from money look chic and original. They will certainly delight not only the bride and groom, but also all guests of the celebration.

Wedding gifts will serve more than one yearnewly married couples, to please them, to remind them of the happiest day in their life. Let your present, done by your own hand, bring beauty, comfort and positive energy to the newlyweds' home.

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