A friend's letter is a pleasure or a waste of time?


It would seem that it can be more pleasant than,secluded from the usual city bustle and noise, arm themselves with a sheet of paper and a pen or sit at a computer, and write a letter to a friend? Do you want to bet? React that in this age of modern technology to write something, and even send by mail, even e-mail, is it utter nonsense? It is much easier, it would seem, to call.

Well, perhaps in something you are right. Of course, it will be much longer than, say, use the help of a mobile phone, numerous social networks or the same Skype. I do not argue ... Although ...

A letter or a call?

Choosing, writing a letter or calling back, personally, I will give preference to the letter. I will explain why:

  1. I choose the time when I can affordmyself, on anything without being distracted, "chat" with your beloved friend. It may be earlier morning, lunch break at work, late evening or even night. I can, not going anywhere, telling about my feelings, emotions and experiences. In the olden days, it was possible to write so much that the letter to the best friend could occupy not a page, not two. Gradually, in the process of writing, it sometimes acquired such volumes that I involuntarily began to think about whether it would fit in the usual standard envelope, where I also planned to put several photographs, a postcard and a dried flower. Now the presence of the World Wide Web has solved this unfortunate problem.
  2. I know for sure that my friend will read thisA letter is exactly when it will be convenient for her. Anytime. And, again, at any time she will be able to return to him and again to run her eyes, if necessary. For me, as for her, this is a kind of sacrament and ritual, to listen once more to a phone call is much more difficult.
  3. From year to year, mobile communication, as, indeed, the Internet connection, is becoming cheaper and cheaper. But even at the moment, calls, especially calls abroad, are still expensive.

Letter to "5 +" - what is it?

What can you write about, that the letter turned out to be interesting, informative, and above all, correctly conveyed your emotions and mood?

So, a letter to a friend. Sample.

I will try to give you some, in my opinion, practical advice.


A letter to a good friend of a person, and even more sothe letter to the girlfriend should not begin with an official greeting. Say hello in the usual way, call it by the usual name or even your favorite nickname. Sometimes you can start communicating with a line of a familiar or beloved song both of you.

The main part of the letter

The content should not be boring and monotonous, otherwise the reader will immediately have a desire to postpone the message far, far away, no longer rereading it and not answering it.

What can you write about?Well, if the letter to your friend tells you about what happened to you recently, what you do, how things are going on at work, with whom you communicate, what you watch or what you read. Express your opinion about what is happening, describe the emotions that triggered in you this or that event. It would be nice to remember a couple of stories from your common past, in which both you and your girlfriend figured.

Do not forget to ask about the personal life of a person close to you, ask what she does, about leave, about children, about the health of parents, about pets.

If possible, try to attach a photo, a small souvenir or postcard to the letter. It's always nice.


Before you write "for now" or "before the meeting," report that you are bored that you are waiting for an answer (if this is the case, of course). At the end of the letter, you can draw a tiny drawing.

Here, perhaps, that's all. It seems to me that you will certainly get to write this letter, than you and deliver a lot of positive emotions both to yourself and to your friend.

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