How to attract the attention of a guy who you like? A few simple ways


Who among us would not like to meet with a guy, fromwhich all girls go crazy? The best, the most beautiful and strong. How you want it to be just yours! That's when the question arises, how to attract the attention of a guy who you like?

First of all, you must be self-confident, because without this in this

attention to the guy

the situation will not work out.This does not mean impudent or too direct in communication. A girl should be able to appear in the eyes of a guy the ideal of femininity, and not try to attract attention by defiant behavior. There are some tips, listening to which, you can effortlessly attract the attention of the guy.

Youth is full of surprises.We fall in love with actors, singers and other idols, in guys from the neighboring entrance, classmates and classmates. And one day there comes a time when you come home from another disco and tell your mother: "I like a guy, but he does not notice me!" Mom is the closest and dearest person to us. She loves her child and understands everything, so she can give a couple of tips on how to attract the attention of the guy that you like.

His attention is not so difficult to win, becausemen from century to century fell under the spell of women. First of all look at yourself in the mirror. The girl who wants to win the elect must look 100%. If a guy really really needs you, then, of course, find out in what places he happens and at what time, there will be no difficulty. You might as well accidentally end up in the same place where he is. And now the girl is not in a very bright, but beautiful dress, which necessarily emphasizes all the dignity of her figure.

Do not make too bright a make-up, otherwise there isprobability that the "object" will be frightened. Hairstyle should also be as feminine as possible. It is best to dissolve the hair and twist the tips, this styling is always relevant.

Be nice and friendly.Make it so that your meeting happened supposedly by accident. Do not think too much and make plans for how to attract the attention of the guy that you like. Everything should happen as naturally as possible.

How to attract the attention of the guy that you like
Your meeting should not be reminiscent of wellrehearsed performance, otherwise you'll betray yourself in the first minute. Drop it inadvertently with a book or some other item. He is unlikely to pass by and help. But do not think that now he will help you, and you will immediately go on a date. If you made a sudden meeting - thank him and leave. The first step has already been taken. In the memory of the guy, there remained the image of a nice girl. In a day again, "catchy" loved one. Let your meeting will again be sudden, for example, you sat down in one taxi, or were at the same table in the school or the university cafeteria. Situations can simulate a lot. It all depends on where you live and what you do. It will be very good if the man you wanted, really smart and sincere, and if on the contrary, think - whether to pay any attention to the guy that you, in fact, it is not necessary?
i like the guy

You can continue to seek the attention of a loved oneand further. Sooner or later the situation will work in your favor, and the goal will be achieved. But not the fact that the result will bring you joy. Think carefully, but do you really need all this? Do you really want to conquer a man who walks by and does not see such a beautiful person before him? Perhaps, he has other interests and you are completely different ... Why do you need to adapt to someone changing your usual way of life? Girls are created to ensure that men take care of them, cherish and cherish them as we are. The guy by nature is a conqueror and hunter. Let him get you, not you. This is a personal matter for everyone - how to act and who to love .... But maybe it's worthwhile to postpone the idea of ​​how to attract the attention of the guy that you like, and start living a normal life, allowing fate to take place naturally? Time will pass, and your half will find you. There will be so much more in life! Maybe we should just wait?

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