How can I call a guy tenderly


People meet, then marry and come up withto each other funny nicknames, which often replace the name. Some do not like it when they are called "seals" and "rabbits", and when you call such a person a nice nickname for the first time, you come across a very harsh and unpleasant reaction. Therefore, we strongly recommend that: before you somehow call your friend differently than by name, find out his attitude to this. But how can you call a guy tenderly, if you do not use a caressing-diminutive mood? While he did not allow you to invent nicknames for him, it's better to call him by name.

How can I call a guy tenderly

How can I call a guy tenderly

As it turned out, this is a question ofpresent day. Sometimes even the word "Seryozhenka" instead of "Serezha" leads to confusion. So, learn the first rule of communication with any person: before you incline his name, ask him what nickname he likes. Learn how he is called in the family and how he would like to be called you.

How to call a guy affectionately, unusually

As you know, traditional nicknames for a loved one- a "cat", "bear cub" and other representatives of the bestial kingdom. If you decide to call the guy affectionately and at the same time unusual, then try telling him "my treasure", "dear", "sweet," "my sweet" and so on. Perhaps, at first this turn of events will be extremely surprising to your guy, but believe me, he will be pleased, because men also love when they are treated with tenderness.

How to call a guy affectionately unusual

How can you affectionately call a guy and how not to overdo it

Flattery is not a good thing, it is felt. A person immediately feels untrue, so when you come up with your favorite nickname, be guided by its merits. Perhaps he's brave of you, like a lion, or muscular like a gladiator, or he likes to command like a general. Remember the joke: "Honey, you will go to the kitchen, grab the cookies! "The cookies have been seized, my general!"

How to call a guy affectionate words to be liked and others

How to call a guy affectionate words

It so happened that we are often among thepeople, and they hear what we say to our beloved. Sometimes your tenderness does not like the guy, what he represents, how it can be said in the presence of strangers or, God forbid, his mother. Neutral nicknames in this case are "expensive" or "sun".

Overhear, how can you affectionately call a guy

Another option for finding a nickname for a loved one -it's listening to other people's conversations. Your parents somehow call each other. Also there are your friends who are in a relationship. Look at your boyfriend's reaction to their communication. You will immediately see what he likes and what does not. So you can pick up a nice nickname to your beloved.

However, be careful!No matter how you call your lover, watch your intonation. It should not express irony, otherwise all your efforts to translate relations into closer ones will be reduced to zero. You understand that even the word "cow" with a tender intonation sounds more pleasant than "beloved", said with irony.

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