How much does an engagement ring cost? Choosing a real man


How much does an engagement ring cost?

how much does an engagement ring cost

What did it mean to you when she said "Yes!"?" This beauty, not like anyone else, the woman you see next to you now, and then, in old age, moreover, this is the future mother of your children. I think that it was a feeling that overwhelmed any man that was incomparable with anything else, as if a rebirth had happened to you. Now, it would seem, the case for small: lead your narrowed in the registry office to sign. But is this how a real man does? Arrange your favorite holiday: go with her to the jewelry and select the rings together. Do not hesitate, please, at this moment, how much is an engagement ring ... Is this so important? Let it be expensive ornaments, but the gift will be remembered for life, and may even be inherited by your children and become a family heirloom. But for now imagine that you are standing with your bride in the store and suddenly get lost in choosing the rings. What to do?

First, to buy jewelry you need a goodprepare: explore the sites to find out how much a ring is worth, phones, reviews, and also the important factor is the model of the ring itself. At the moment there are a huge number of online stores offering their services for the sale of jewelry, by the way, they often find designer rings that look rather unusual and will immediately allocate you from a thousand pairs of couples. However, you can remain a fairly conservative person, choosing a simple engagement ring. Platinum, silver - all these discreet metals will perfectly fit into your wedding attire, thus complementing it. A good idea is to put on a wedding ring of monograms with images of your paintings. This fashion has already swept through Europe and threatens to come to us, so make sure to make memorable stamps in special workshops. True, it is not known whether it is possible to buy a finished product directly with a painting, so as not to look for a master who would engrave your family seal. And besides, we now do not know how much there is an engagement ring made in this way.

how much is the ring

The cost of the product is also determined by the availabilityprecious stones, their purity, and also by all means weight (carats that I mean). For example, the market still holds a high price for non-ferrous diamonds (the point is that in nature their content in the breed is small, so mining is a laborious and very difficult process). But colored diamonds, for example, black or yellow, fit well with white gold, so they are snapped up in all jewelry. It's no secret that the ornaments with cubic zirkonia also won their niche of popularity, and now these noble stones vengeance flaunt on the rings of young people. By the way, not only cubic zirkonia, but also rubies should attract your attention, because these minerals of bloody color and attract the eye, beckoning buyers to themselves with only one kind.

engagement ring platinum

In conclusion, I want to say that it is important not how much the engagement ring is worth, but how long the family union of a man and a woman will last.

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