Fable of Krylov "Larch" - the most mysterious work of the Russian fabulist

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Fables of Ivan Andreevich Krylov are rightfully considereda legacy of Russian literature. They are so firmly embedded in our lives that many of the phrases of them have long become winged. An excellent proof of the significance of Ivan Krylov's works is the famous phrase "A casket just opened." People who have not yet

fable of the wing
collided with the poetic stories of thisauthor, successfully use this phrase in different moments of life and do not even suspect that behind the common expression lies the deepest meaning of the most enigmatic poem of the author. Krylov's fable "Larchik" has a complex moral meaning, which we will try to disclose in this narrative. But first, let's get acquainted with its contents.

The plot of the work

Before attempting to reveal the moral of this poem, we suggest that you study the brief content of Krylov's fable "The Larchik."

The workshop brought a wonderful handmade chestwork that no one could open. The object was without a lock, which gave the situation even more mystery, so to understand its inaccessibility took a real sage. He twisted and

turned an unusual casket as soon as he could, butnothing came of it. Even when various tools were used, the sage was unable to open the casket. Krylov's fable would remain incomplete, if not for the final lines of the work, which eventually became a catch phrase.

Krylov's fable "Larch": the basic morality

Krylov I.A.so finely composed his poems, that on an example of seemingly simple situations, accessible to all languages, revealed life's truths. But Fable Krylov's "Larch" - a work that is considered the most mysterious of this author, because in addition to the basic morality, it also has a hidden meaning.

A poetic story about a wise man who could notOpen the mysterious casket, in his last lines reveals his basic morality. It consists in the fact that it is not necessary to search for the unknown in something from the beginning, but firstly it is necessary to go the easiest way, and only he, possibly, will prove to be true. This idea can be attributed to the relationship between people: when one considers the cause of an unclear behavior of a loved one as a mystery, it is most likely lying on the surface itself and does not represent anything unusual.

Krylov's fable "Larchik" is no exception,and like all other poems of the author, in the latter the quatrain contains the basic morality ... But this work is not at all an ordinary poem, since it contains a hidden meaning.

Minor morality of the work

casket fable

Fable of Krylov "Larch" is considered among thewriters with a poem that has several interpretations of the semantic load. The greatest attention deserves a certain hidden morality of the work. When the author describes the ways of opening the casket by an experienced master, it seems to tell us that it is much easier to treat life. The efforts of the sage, which eventually ended in failure, are similar to the selection of ways to solve any problem for each one of us, and his initial confidence that the casket is in fact a secret reminds us of excessive suspiciousness and insecurity, although everything is in fact easier ... But how? This author left a mystery, although it is not difficult to guess that if the casket did not have a shutter, then it was not closed at all.

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