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The peasant uprising of 1773-1774 was oneof the most cruel, bloody and meaningless in the history of Russia. Many writers repeatedly appealed to these events, Alexander Pushkin also became an exception, telling in his story "The Captain's Daughter" about such an ambiguous historical personality as Emelyan Pugachev, the leader of the uprising. The author did not insist on the truthfulness of his narrative, he adhered to the rule of depicting a certain historical epoch in fictional history.

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Bloodthirsty killer or good-natured rebel?

Characterization of Pugachev is ambiguous. Pushkin did not want to make him a villainous villain and murderer, although historians were the kind he represented, the writer created the image of a talented people's leader endowed with intelligence, energy, and ingenuity. Emelian himself understands that he is an impostor, associating himself with Grigory Otrepiev, but nevertheless, if he did not behave like a real ruler and deliverer, the people would not follow him. Pugachev enjoyed great respect, under his leadership, flocked people from all over the country.

Characteristics of Emelian Pugachev for someonemay seem frightening, because he mercilessly killed those whom he considered oppressors of simple peasants. Representatives of the authorities or landlords can not be kind, so the hero kills captain Mironov and his subordinates, although they are not bad. At the same time, Pugachev remembers kindness and knows how to be grateful. He has for life remembered the hare she presented and the vodka glass, presented during the snowstorm by Grinev. Three times Emelyan allows him to avoid execution, and even releases the bride of Peter from the hands of Shvabrin.

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Characteristics of Pugachev - a simple peasant with royal habits

Grinev even at the first meeting with Pugachevstruck his composure. He was about 40 years old, broad-shouldered, thin, his beard began to appear, his face pleasant, but with a picaresque expression, struck large, living eyes. Pushkin portrayed Emelyan as a Cossack, who communicates with his subordinates on an equal footing, uses proverbs, proverbs, allegories in his speech, which are not understood by everyone.

Pugachev's characteristic shows that he does notoff was to play a wise ruler. Emelian ordered to call himself the king-father, because the people always believed in a kind and just king. He understood that he was surrounded by thieves, ready at any time to buy his life for his head. Pugachev hereby remained only with Grinev, in public, he showed an actor's talent, playing the king.

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The story of a smart, brave, heroic mantold Pushkin in the story "The Captain's Daughter". Characteristic Emelian Pugacheva allows you to compare it with the hero Cossack bylinas. Despite some sympathy for the rebel, yet Alexander Sergeyevich repeatedly repeats that he does not want to see a ruthless and senseless Russian riot. In his novel, the writer wanted to show not the villainy of Emelian and his subordinates, but to tell about the history of the insurrection and the personality of the leader himself. It should be noted that Pugachev's description of Pugachev was excellent.

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