The shortest fable of Krylov: we will conduct a study

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It would seem that anyone can be interested in lengthliterary work? About the book you can say: "Interesting, smart, useful, funny." But the characteristic: "This book is short" - sounds a bit strange. Nevertheless, there are people in our world who are very much interested in the length of each piece that needs to be read. First, students are philologists who have to shovel the mountains of literature. Secondly, schoolchildren. If the teacher gives the assignment to memorize a poem or a fable, you can be sure: most of his wards will choose a product shorter. Normal instinct of energy conservation.

smallest fable fable
So the question is, what is the shortest fableKrylov, not at all idle. We will try to find an answer within the framework of the article, after conducting a small research (and at the same time recalling some of the works of the famous "grandfather").

A little about the fables

Fable - in itself a work is not verylong. It is interesting that in Russian literature it is almost exclusively associated with the name of Krylov, and with his death gradually ceases to exist as a literary kind, meeting only in the works of individual poets as a joke or a parody.

Known works

fable fables are the smallest
The famous masterpieces of Ivan Andreevich numberseveral dozen lines: "Elephant and Moska" - 20, "Demyanov's ear" - 27, "Crow and Fox" - 28, "Dragonfly and Ant" - 30, "Quartet" - 36, "Wolf and Lamb" - 37. The most Krylov's short fable (of the known ones) is, perhaps, "Swan, Pike and Cancer." There are only 12 lines in it, and the content is simple and understandable. Any schoolboy knows: "when there is no agreement in the comrades," each of the three people "bends his line," no one compromises, there will not be any sense, "they will not do it right."

Less popular options

But this is not the smallest fable of Krylov.The most concise of his works are not so famous, but they are also interesting. For example, "The Boy and the Snake" is a short parable about forethought, prudence and the need to know biology well. The moral of the small fable "The Lion and the Fox" can be expressed in the Russian proverb: "The devil is not so terrible as he is painted." In the allegorical story "The Wolf and the Shepherds" it is told about the policy of double standards: the actions of different people are evaluated by the people in different ways. If this is not the shortest fable of Krylov, it is very useful for schoolchildren. Earn yourself a reputation as an excellent student - a thoughtful, serious, industrious student, and in the future you yourself will be surprised how this will help you out in different life situations. But let's sum up some results.

Which Krylov fables are the smallest?

The name of the fable

Number of lines

Number of words

Number of letters

"The Boy and the Serpent"




"The Lion and the Fox"




"The Wolf and the Shepherds"




"Chizh and the Dove"




"Rooster and Pearl Grain"




"Fox and Grapes"




Mouse and Rat




What to choose?

shortest fable fable

The table includes works thatmost readers are considered small. To apply for a serious study, our statistics can not, but for schoolchildren such a degree of reliability is not required. What is the shortest fable of Krylov? We recommend to choose from three already mentioned works: "The Boy and the Serpent", "The Lion and the Fox" or "The Wolf and the Shepherds". These are unconditional winners, since they contain the least number of lines, words and letters. In addition, they are distinguished by their simplicity of content and understandable morality. Finally, little is known to the general public, which indirectly may indicate your erudition. However, if in childhood you read other fables of the famous author, it may be that it is much easier to learn them than new works.

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