Analysis of Krylov's fable "The Mouse and the Rat"

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Each of the people is a unique and uniquePersonality, which differs from the rest not only in character, but in a set of certain qualities. As for the latter, they are not always positive, and at times a person even has a viciousness of thoughts and actions, which is noticeable to others.

winged mouse and rat

Who does not know the famous fabulist IvanAndreevich Krylov? There are probably no such people in our country, because many generations of schoolchildren were brought up on his works. This author surprisingly succeeded in using rhymed stories to interpret human actions in such a way that they eventually acquire a negative, rather ironic, shade. On the example of Krylov's fable "The Mouse and the Rat" we will examine the behavior of some people and reveal its basic morality. But first, let's get acquainted with the short content of the work.

IA Krylov "The Mouse and the Rat": a plot of a fable

The house is in turmoil: the cat-mousetrap is lost.When the local mouse found out about this incident, she immediately decided to notify her best friend - a rat, and gladly informed her that the cat had fallen into the hands of the lion, and that, apparently, just tore it! But the rat was not at all delighted with such news. She began to assure the mouse that the poor tiger simply can not escape from the clutches of such a formidable

fable of a wing mouse and rat
beast, like a cat, so do not expect that its tyranny in relation to the rat and the mouse will end.

In the plot of Krylov's fable "The Mouse and the Rat" mainheroes are two of these animals. But the most interesting is that most of all the cat is afraid of the rat, and not the mouse, which is several times smaller than it. This moment gradually brings the reader to the realization of the hidden meaning of the work, which we will try to reveal right now.

The moral of Krylov's fable "The Mouse and the Rat"

The work presented is not at allsimple, and meaningless. Like all other poems of this author, "The Mouse and the Rat" - a fable with a difficult meaning. Despite the fact that her basic morality is indicated in the last quatrain, there is also some secret interpretation that is not understood by everyone.

mouse and rat fable

The main moral is that in the eyes of the weak-willedand a cowardly man, the object of his fear can be swollen to the greatest dimensions, and this, in general, is understandable. But if you pay attention to all the nuances of Krylov's fable "The Mouse and the Rat," you can see that the weaker and the cowardly here do not mean a mouse, but a rat. The meaning of this arrangement of priorities is that the coward, no matter how large he is, often looks more pitiful than his smaller counterpart. Ivan Krylov wanted to prove by the same token that the cause of true cowardice is in the head, and it can be difficult to overcome it.

Moral values ​​are accessible to all languages

In conclusion, I would like to say thatthe works of Ivan Andreevich found their popularity among readers a hundred years ago. The author long searched for his writing style, but all attempts were vain - the glory to Krylov never came. After the mentor advised him to try writing poetry, Ivan Andreevich discovered the gift of making fables. Very quickly winged expressions from his works began to speak the whole country, and it continues to this day.

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