How to write an essay on philosophy?

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Development of mental abilities, such asclear and understandable expression of thoughts, observance of logical sequence and structuring of the material is facilitated by written argumentation. This skill students are trained with the help of this type of written text, as an essay on philosophy. The very process of developing a convincing argument helps the author to form as a critic and thinker.

The study of the topic after the establishment of its keyproblems by the method of developing ideas that can be proved from appropriate sources - this is the meaning of the word "argument" in the context of an essay on philosophy. Direct writing of work is preceded by a long, selective and critical reading. By the latter means evaluation, doubt and understanding of the material read. Strengthening the arguments put forward by the student is promoted by scientific references to the works of other authors. The citations collected during the development of the material, information and data become significant only when they are consistently and logically integrated into the argument.

The plan for writing essays can be divided into the following components, of which four parts are mandatory: introduction, presentation of the argument, expectation of objections and withdrawal.

Introduction should have both an introductory and a thesisstatement. The first should be written in such a way as to interest the reader, and he read with enthusiasm further. It can be a catching quote, a question or a statement. The role of the controlling force in the essay on philosophy is given to the thesis statement, most often this is the final sentence of the introduction.

Presentation is the main part of the work, it consists offrom the statement and support, here it is necessary to present a convincing argument and provide the necessary evidence. Following the conventions of academic English rhetoric, the author is obliged at a certain stage to recognize the views of opponents. It is important for the student to be able to consider the expected objections, in order not to conceal the proof of his statement consciously. He should be aware of the fact that if he himself accepts the opinion of the opposite party, his argument will be given more confidence. Critical thinking is sharpened by the practice of contradiction, in the case when the author of the essay on philosophy realizes that there are other points of view, besides, they are sufficiently substantiated. The student is obliged to propose a solution to problems when considering the objections that opponents put before the argument, point out the weaknesses on which the opposite opinion is based, offer a compromise or solution.

The conclusion, accordingly, includes the connection of the argument, the secondary formulation of the thesis and the final statement.

Making an essay

By volume it should be equal to handwrittentwelve sheets. On the first page is an essay plan. The text itself should differ in its integrity, be well thought out and be your personal reasoning, obtained as a result of acquaintance with primary sources and scientific literature. In an essay, one must always rely on philosophical concepts and use philosophical terminology. Despite the fact that in assessing the work your opinion will be taken into account, nevertheless, it must be based on knowledge of philosophical theories and facts. That is why it is obligatory to indicate direct references to the sources that were used in the process of writing (the title of the text and the author).

The acquired skill will later come in usefulthe time of employment, because the essay contest became very popular because it allows the employer to determine whether a particular person will be useful to the company, whether it is good for business. And it depends on how he will be able to describe his failures and achievements, how he will be able to present himself in general.

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