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The famous English novelist Arthur Heili wrotenovel "Hotel" in 1965. In this work, the author tried to expose the acute social problems that were brewing in the society of that time, while he did not see any serious relationship between them and the bourgeois reality.

Hotel Arthur Haley

The main meaning of the plot line of the work

So, the Hotel. Arthur Haley. What is this work about? The author takes the reader to New Orleans, where a large hotel exists and successfully functions.

From the first lines of the novel tells of a numberimpartial stories. Young people, brought up in quite intelligent families, organized a noisy party in their room, during which they drank a lot of alcohol. It all ended just awful: the guys wanted to enter into an intimate relationship with a girl named Marsh Preusscott, who was the daughter of a wealthy man. This crime was prevented by an employee of the hotel Aloysius Royce - he defended the girl from the young deer. Then one of the hotel's customers became ill and had to help. In addition, a married couple commits an intentional crime: on the car, the mother and the child are knocked over, and then thinks up an alibi for themselves, as if they did not leave the territory of the hotel at the time of the tragedy.

Book Hotel Arthur Haley

The main characters of the work

Certainly, the plot of the novel "Hotel" Arthur HaleyI tried to make it as exciting as possible. What he actually did. All the troubles and troubles that occurred in the hotel, it is possible to smooth Peter McDermott, who is the assistant manager, and Christine Francis - the secretary of the hotel owner.

In the work "Hotel" Arthur Hailey buildsstoryline in such a way that a clerk and a secretary begin to develop a novel. However, Peter began to impose his friendship Marsh Preusscott, offering to become his wife.

At the same time, the financial situation of the hotelleaves much to be desired. In the work "Hotel" Arthur Haley shows her owner quite a conservative person who does not want any innovations or changes. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that the hotel staff negligently perform their official duties and steal constantly.

Novels by Arthur Haley

In the end, before Warren Trent (socall the owner of the hotel) there is a problem of losing business, he starts to think about what will happen to his hotel further, because one of the banks has already started to show interest to him. A businessman, Curtis O Kif, suddenly comes to Warren, and offers to sell the hotel to him, but Trent has other plans, and he takes time to think, then starts looking for another buyer. business reputation.

However, one story line is not limited tobook "Hotel". Arthur Haley concurrently twists one more story about the accident, which killed the mother and child. The head of Ogilvy's security service knows who committed this crime and for money helps the Kroyden family hide his tracks.

What ends the novel

The finale of the work simply captures the spirit - thisand the novels of Arthur Haley are noteworthy. Ogilvy is accused of aiding the dukes, the new owner of the hotel is one of his guests named Wales. Peter McDermott is the vice-president of the hotel.

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