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Oleg Evgenevich Grigoriev is a poet and artist,a typical representative of the Leningrad underground of the 20th century. He was born in 1943, during the evacuation in the territory of the Vologda region. After the war, Oleg Evgenievich, together with his mother and brother, moved to the city of Leningrad.

Oleg Grigoriev


The future poet began his creative activityas an artist. Oleg Grigoriev since childhood liked to draw and at first wanted to leave his mark in this sphere of art. Therefore, he went to study at an art school at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leningrad. But subsequently was excluded from there. This happened in 1960, the reason for the student's exclusion was formulated as "formalism", in fact, an occasion can be called an attempt by the future poet to defend his individuality. Also, the reasons for calling what he drew was not that or not, he was a brawler with a special eye, catching the satirical and tragic side of life, which many did not like.

After leaving the Academy and parting with his "artistic" dream, Oleg Grigoriev was engaged in completely different, far from creativity activities. At that time he worked as a watchman, a stoker, a janitor.

The beginning of the way

Nevertheless, he was a talented person. And his abilities were not limited to drawing. Poems Oleg Grigoriev began to write back in 16 years. Writing his works, he fully got used to the role, his infantilism and eccentricity prevailed, and it was with this bias that he always lived and wrote.

In 1961, the poet invented a quatrain: "I asked an electrician Petrov." This little poem became a widely known and beloved folk poem.

This man had an amazing ability. Poet Oleg Grigoriev saw adults through the eyes of children and children through the eyes of adults, and this made him popular with both. Miniatures from poems were easily remembered, and the truthfulness of the absurd described was even more attractive to the Soviet people.

Oleg Grigoriev's books

The main property of Oleg Grigoriev's poems is irony. In the USSR, she was not encouraged, to put it mildly. But without irony watching the news on TV or reading Soviet newspapers of that time was simply impossible. A mocking attitude toward modern reality was then covered by everyone, so this feature of the poetry of Oleg Grigoriev turned out to be popular and memorable.

Edition of the first book of the poet

In 1971 the first book of the author was published. Oleg Grigoriev published poems and stories for children in it. The book was called "eccentrics" and gained wide popularity and popularity among the Russian people. On several creations, even the editions of the popular television magazine Yeralash were made of it. Many of the works from this collection became part of St. Petersburg's urban folklore. The irony in this children's book was much softer, the poems here are pretty cute, funny, sometimes even heart-wrenching.

poet Oleg Grigoriev

Continuation of the creative path

In the early 1970s, the poet was sentenced to twoyear "for parasitism". His punishment consisted in compulsory works on the construction of the plant in the Vologda region, where he directly served it. But later the poet was released ahead of time.

In 1975, Oleg Grigoriev took part in thewidely known for the time exhibition in the recreation center "Nevsky". But even this success did not contribute to the author's moral elevation. He still continued and continued to drink and increasingly became a man not compatible not only with the social life of society, but also with her household side.

In 1981, his second book was published forchildren - "Vitamin of growth". Unfortunately, the poems from it caused misunderstanding and indignation of some important representatives of the literary circles, thanks to which Grigoriev was not then admitted to the Writers' Union.

His next book, The Talking Raven, has been publishedalready in new times for the country - during Perestroika, in 1989. In the same year he received the following conviction - "for the rowdy and resistance of the police," but for this he was given a suspended sentence. Such an easy punishment he got, because many colleagues spoke then in his defense.

last years of life

The life of Oleg Grigoriev was rather difficult, in recent years he was constantly under the influence of alcohol, as, indeed, throughout his life.

At the end of his life, there was still a significant event for the poet - six months before his death, finally accepted into the Writers' Union.

Died Oleg Evgenievich Grigoryev April 30, 1992of the year. The cause of his early death was the perforation of a stomach ulcer. The funeral of Oleg Grigoriev took place in St. Petersburg, Volkovsky Cemetery. In honor of the poet in the house on Pushkinskaya street, 10, in the Northern capital a commemorative plaque with his name was opened.

Oleg Grigoriev verses

Oleg Grigoriev wrote poems that truly answerironic spirit of the Soviet era. To this day, many admire the humor and ease of such poetry. Oleg Grigoriev published books during his life in small numbers, but they have gained fame from the public and are still being published.

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