Sergei Sholokhov: a movie from a film critic.

Publications and Writing Articles

Such a diverse, multifaceted Sergei Leonidovich Sholokhov: film critic, director, television producer, presenter.

Sergey Sholokhov biography of telemeter

Sergei Leonidovich Sholokhov was born on September 271958. The training took place at the boarding school, where he studied including English and Hindi. After school from the second attempt I could enter the Philological Faculty of LMI (Leningrad Municipal Institute). His choice motivated by the fact that "since childhood he liked to read and the world of words is closer to him."

Journalist of the Year

Having graduated in 1981 with a graduatephilologist, Sergei Sholokhov did not stop at the achieved education. He continued his postgraduate studies at the Leningrad Municipal Theater, Music and Cinematography (LGITMiK), which he graduated five years later, defending his Ph.D. thesis on "Mozart and Salieri" by Alexander Pushkin in the theater, cinema and television. "

The first work on TV

In 1987 he made his debut as a junior editor in the cinema at the editorial office of the Leningrad Broadcasting Art Broadcasting Company, in programs
"Monitor", "300 meters of hope". After a while he became the creator of the program "5 wheel", and then its lead.

"5 wheel"

The program, initially focused onthe intelligentsia, quite unexpectedly gained immense popularity. The release consisted of news groups devoted to history, politics, literature, etc. The first issue was held in April 1988. The program was invited to a variety of politicians, including Boris Yeltsin. An unending stream was the transmission of political discussions.

Sergei Sholokhov is ill

1991 was marked by the disclosure of many cabinets withsecrets: the Leningrad Soviet took an exceptional decision at that time, and investigators for especially important cases of the Prosecutor General's Office T. Kh. Gdlyan and NV Ivanov began to appear on TV screens, covering the results of the corruption investigation in Central Asia and the highest echelons of power in the USSR.

From literary and artistic broadcasting was withdrawntaboo. TV viewers were able to enjoy previously banned performances, as well as works of disgraced authors. In the first issue of the program "5 wheel" was shown the play, in which Arkady Raikin took part.

"Lenin and Mushrooms"

The most memorable was the release of the program "5wheel "in 1991, which was invited by Sergei Kuryokhin. Together with Sergei Sholokhov they built an illusory logical chain proving to viewers that Lenin is a mushroom. He put forward the assumption that the leader used hallucinogenic mushrooms in large quantities, while he himself did not become them, the authors relied on pseudofakts and "arguments", citing various sources (right up to the reference to the work of Carlos Castaneda).

But since this program was released in 1991when the old chests with secrets were officially revealed from the TV screens, the audience did not immediately realize that there was an ordinary rally in the release. And if you take into account that the "scientific fiction" Sergei Sholokhov and his guest spoke with stone faces, and that such programs had not been allowed on Soviet television before, it becomes understandable why many believed in what was happening. Then the host and the guest, unable to stand it, began to laugh. Since then, the phrase "Lenin-mushroom" is walking among the people.

Sholokhov Sergey Leonidovich

"Quiet house" or "Quiet Flows the Don" by Sholokhov?

But the final, full fame Sholokhov Sergey Leonidovich acquired after the release of the "Quiet House" on May 17, 1991.

"Quiet house" is a program reviewingfilm culture and diluting it with elements of journalistic journalism. The guests of the program were the first persons from different spheres of life: from cultural and social to political and economic.

The first five years the program was on the RTR TV channel, and in 1998 "moved" to the "First Channel".

To date, the format of the program isin the coverage of luxury film festivals taking place in Cannes, Berlin and Venice. Sergei Sholokhov tells not only about foreign film awards. So, in 2009, a program was created dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the domestic "Kinotavr".

Sergey Sholokhov

After the official ceremony is overawarding on the air starts "Quiet House", which in its releases demonstrates the winners of the main competition. "The Diaries of the Festival" tells about the most exciting premieres, and also broadcast interviews with popular directors and actors.

The main representative of Russia at the world's largest film festivals, Sergei Sholokhov shares the opinion that "such festivals make new names and write the history of cinema."

Sholokhov biography

The program "Quiet House" forked into two applications, which later took the form of independent projects: "Quiet Evening" and "Quiet Lady."

The Golden Pen

Sergei Sholokhov won the "Journalist of the Year" competition in 1998, where he was awarded the "Golden Pen" award.

Life is 26 minutes long

April 26, 2015a presentation and a short film "Alexey Balabanov: In Search of Happiness", which was shot by Sergei Sholokhov. Biography in 26 minutes in length included a story about life, permeated with creativity. Excerpts from different interviews, pieces of programs and personal archives: all this, strung on the thread of Balabanov's life, helps to better characterize Alexei as an ironic, kind, straightforward, and most importantly, sincere person. With Alexei Balabanov, a cult director and producer, Sergei worked for almost 20 years. And when Alexei died in 2013, they said different things. "There were rumors," said Sergei Sholokhov, " Balabanov was ill. What are the only assumptions did not build: both cancer and hepatitis. And he died of a heart attack. While working on an almost finished new script. "

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