"Masquerade", Lermontov: a summary of the drama

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In 1835 he wrote his most famous dramaMasquerade by Lermontov. The brief content of the poem tells the reader about the life of Yevgeny Arbenin, a professional card player who has grown rich in this field. Since the man had already lived to middle age, he decided to settle down, quit playing and get a family, which he soon did. His young wife Nina (officially Nastasya Pavlovna) was a real angel, Arbenin suddenly fell in love with himself, so he always sat like a powder keg, jealous of his beauty to everyone he met.

The first suspicions of his wife's infidelity

Lermontov's masquerade
Inconsistency of characters and different views onthe life of a man of his age and his young wife portrayed in the play "Masquerade" Lermontov. The summary tells that Nina liked to go to balls, while Arbenin broke the vow and sat down for the cards. Once he helped out of trouble Prince Zvezdich, who lost a lot. From the gambling house comrades went to Engelhardt - to the house of the masquerade. Arbenin felt alien in the new society, he wanted to go home as soon as possible, but his young and handsome friend was at the peak of popularity.

One stranger in the mask admitted to Zvezdich inlove, and he asked her to give something in memory of the meeting. The beauty was frightened to be recognized and gave a bracelet dropped by someone. The prince boasted of his trophy before Arbenin, the ornament seemed familiar, but he did not attach any importance to this. Yevgeny Alexandrovich returns home and waits for his wife, what was his surprise when Nina did not have one bracelet, and then it turned out that she was not at a ball, but in a public masquerade, where a decent woman was ordered to enter.

Investigation of a jealous husband

m. Lermontov masquerade summary
Inability and unwillingness to hear a person,talking with you, I wanted to show in my drama "Masquerade" Lermontov. The summary tells that Nina ran around all the jewelry stores in search of a bikini-like trinket that looked like a lost bracelet, but found nothing. In desperation she went to her friend Baroness Stral, widow, and told her about her trouble. The friend with horror understands, that she has done, after all it is she in a mask approached Zvezdichu and has given it another's ornament.

Everyone thinks only of himself and saves hisreputation, this was clearly demonstrated in the play "Masquerade" Lermontov. The summary tells that the Baroness subtly hints at Zvezdich that the stranger who gave the bracelet is Nina, thereby she is suspicious of herself. The prince begins to look after Madame Arbenina, but she pushes it away, not understanding what is the matter. Zvezdich dismissed rumors about his novel with Nina for the whole of Petersburg, and Eugene once again convinced that he was cruelly deceived.

Disclosure of fraud

Lermontov masquerade summary
The meanness and cunning of secular society portrayedin his play M. Lermontov. The "Masquerade," which briefly says that the Baroness still confessed everything to both Arbenin and Zvezdich, tells us that Eugene planned to take revenge on his offenders, not wanting to listen to anyone's excuses. Bringing the prince into a card battle, Arbenin quibbles at trifles, gives the opponent a slap in the face, humiliating everyone. Zvezdich tries to warn Nina that her husband is a villain and can ruin her, but the woman does not understand anything. Arbenin brings his wife an ice cream poisoned with poison, and she dies the same night.

At the funeral, friends, acquaintances come to Nina, andAlso Zvezdich with an unfamiliar gentleman, who for a masquerade foretold misfortune to Arbenin. The prince at all calls Eugene the murderer and in all details tells him the true history of the bracelet. Stupidity and blind jealousy ruined an innocent life - this is exactly what Lermontov wrote "The Masquerade." The summary tells that in the end Arbenin went insane, and Zvezdich deprived of honor and tranquility, because he could not challenge his abuser to a duel.

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