"Winter Road" by Pushkin: analysis of the poem

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Pushkin's "Winter Road", the analysis of which isthe subject of this review, has become one of the most iconic works in his work. Being lyrical and touching in content, it also sums up his life and creativity. The composition is interesting in that there are intertwined natural sketches, love themes, as well as profound philosophical meaning, which penetrate the author's inner monologue.


The most remarkable example of Russian poetry is the poem "The Winter Road" by Pushkin. An analysis of this work should begin with a brief description of the conditions for its creation.

Alexander Sergeevich wrote it in 1826. It was a difficult time for the poet. Being in love with his distant relative of Sophia Pushkin, he intended to marry her, but was refused. And this same sadness for lost love was reflected in the poem. In addition, at the same time, he was experiencing not the best of times in his creative biography.

Held as a famous writer and poet, henevertheless, he dreamed of a more famous glory. But in society he had a highly ambiguous reputation as a freethinker. Also, many were unkind to his way of life: the poet played a lot and squandered his small inheritance from his father. All these circumstances may have been the reason for Sophia's refusal, which did not dare to go against public opinion, although, as you know, she felt sincere sympathy for the author.

winter road Pushkin analysis


Poem "The Winter Road" by Pushkin, analysiswhich must continue to characterize the winter landscape, is basically a sketch of a lyrical hero's journey to his beloved. The work opens with a description of a sad, sad picture of an endless winter road, which stretches endlessly in front of the traveler, indulging sadness and sad thoughts. The reader is faced with the monotonous natural phenomena characteristic of this time of year: fog, wide glades, a deserted distance, a moon that illuminates everything around with its dim light. All these images are consonant with the inner mood of the lyric hero, who is immersed in deep melancholy.

winter road of Pushkin's poem

Love theme

One of the most poignant poemsis the "Winter Road" of Pushkin. The analysis should include a description of the author's mental state. He is sad, but at the same time he dreams of his beloved. Memories and thoughts about her support and console him for a long and boring journey. Dull winter sketches are contrasted with pictures of home life and coziness. In his dreams, the poet presents a fireplace with a hot fire, a warm room in which he wants to meet his bride. The repetition of her name sounds like a refrain in the poem, conveying the hope of the lyric hero for a quick happiness. At the same time, he seems to foresee a refusal, and that is why his speech is so sad and at the same time penetrating.

Pushkin's poem Winter road Analysis short


Pushkin's "Winter Road" is a poem thatis included in the school curriculum, because the main motifs of his work have merged in him: themes of nature, love and reflection on life. The image of an endless road is also a symbolic image of his fate, which seems to him long and very sad. The only thing that brightens sadness is the monotonous songs of coachman, but they bring only temporary comfort. So in the life of the poet there are few happy moments that do not bring peace.

Pushkin's poem "The Winter Road", an analysisthe brief of which should include the analysis of the author's main idea, conveys with surprising simplicity and immediacy the philosophical reflections of the poet about life, and so it is especially interesting for understanding his work.

poem of Pushkin winter road completely


This work, as already mentioned above,united the main features of the poet's work. Perhaps, it did not sound only the theme of friendship, which occupies a prominent place in his works. In the rest, the reader sees in a very concise form everything that can be found on the pages of his larger works: an exact expressive style, a description of nature, reflections on fate, about lost love. Pushkin's poem "Winter Road" is completely different from the works of other poets by the melodiousness and richness of the language.

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