Shevchuk Igor: about the work of a children's writer

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Shevchuk Igor is a children's writer, whose poetry fell in love with little readers. His poems are easily remembered, they all carry a good atmosphere. Not one generation grew up on the verses of Shevchuk.

Biography of the poet

Igor Shevchuk is a Russian poet and writer,journalist and screenwriter. It is known that he is also the author of songs. Igor Shevchuk was born on August 17, 1960. After graduating from the Leningrad State University with a degree in Journalism, he joined the Writers' Union, and afterwards and the Union of Journalists.

The beginning of a creative career

Even at the very beginning of his career Shevchuk gotplace of freelance employee of the children's TV program "Good night, kids." In 1985, he participated in theatrical productions of the theater "Experiment" as an actor. In 1987 Shevchuk Igor leaves the theater and becomes a member of the editorial board and the author of the magazine "Piggy and the company." Shevchuk's editorial activity was observed in many well-known children's magazines, such as Murzilka, Tram, Funny Pictures and so on.

shevchuk igory

The poet gained fame in 1980, when he beganwork as a journalist in the newspaper "Leninskie sparks". Already at this time the name of Shevchuk became known to young children - his poems were printed in the children's magazine "Tram". Critics argued that Igor's work for children is on par with the poems of Sobakin, Usachev and Kharms. The most famous poems of the poet were the works of Shagalochka and The Endless Caravan.

Creativity in other cultural and entertainment spheres

For a long time Shevchuk Igor collaborated with EugeniaZaritskaya, who was a music composer. Together with her, he created works for the children's musical ensemble "Samantha", which was founded in 1986 in the city of St. Petersburg. Shevchuk Igor is the author of most songs for this ensemble. He also participated in writing lyrics and for such a famous children's ensemble, as "Neposedy."

Ihor Shevchuk Poetry

In addition to her poetic activity, Shevchuk Igor is the author of books of children's prose "The Adventures of Sherlock Havs and Dr. Quaxon" and "Someone Is On Their Heels".

In 2004, the writer was made a proposaltake part in the creation of table games. One of these games was the "Wheel of Energy", which was then used to develop the thinking of primary school pupils in many schools in St. Petersburg.

The poet's activity in creating television programs

In addition to success in the writing career, Igor ShevchukI also tried to create children's cartoons. One of these projects was the animated series "Smeshariki". What is important is that Shevchuk Igor became the author of the idea of ​​the name. Many episodes of the beloved children's animated series were shot according to the script of the poet. Even now we can say with certainty - the project was crowned with great success, a whole generation of young spectators are growing up on a good animated series, learning to distinguish between good and evil.

In addition to participating in the creation of the Smeshariki project,Igor Shevchuk, whose verses are familiar to many, actively participates in the work on another favorite children's animated series. As you know, "Fixicas" fell in love not only for children, but also for adults, since many facts, which the animated series offers the viewer, were unknown to many people until a certain moment. In each series, difficult to understand scientific material is described very simply, which is a huge benefit for the overall development of children.

Ihor Shevchuk poems for children

In addition to creating works thatintended for the children's audience, Shevchuk participated in the creation of the script of the Russian TV series "Streets of Broken Lights". His contribution to writing scripts for the TV series "Spetsnaz", "Mongoose", "Criminal Russia" and "Mazes of Reason" greatly changed the planned course of events in the stories. They have become more understandable and original.

All my work for many yearsShevchuk directed to the creation of works, both literary and television, which are capable of capturing and helping in the development of the child. In addition to the contribution to television broadcasts of a large spectator scale, Igor in 1998 began work in the radio program for children "Slogopyty", which is also loved by representatives of the younger generation.

Igor Shevchuk: poems for children

Poems, which the author devoted to the children's audience,go along with the work of Sergei Mikhalkov and Agnia Barto. The works written by the poet Igor Shevchuk help in the development of the child, they are written in a very simple syllable, due to which they are easily remembered. The main purpose of the poems, which Shevchuk tried to achieve, was the perception of the surrounding world from the positive side. His creations teach children to perceive all life events with a smile, overcome life's difficulties without panicking or apathy.

the poet Igor Shverchuk

A lot of his poems are like counters,which not only develop memory, but also teach you to feel the rhythm in all poetic works, which, undoubtedly, will be useful to every child in the school future.

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