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At the beauty contest judges are judged not onlyappearance and figure of the contestant, but also her creative and intellectual abilities. Therefore, on the basis of how well the story is written about itself, the victory of the participant largely depends.

A business card for a beauty contest is somewhat similar to advertising. That is, it is well-selected and correctly submitted information, which focuses on the merits of the participant.

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Business card for the contest "Miss Beauty"

There are generally accepted norms on whichto rely on when creating a story about yourself. A business card for a beauty pageant should not be too long. The performance can take a maximum of 15 minutes. Be sure to include your name, surname, patronymic and age. Tell us about your hobbies, hobbies, goals that you are going to achieve in life.

If you already had to participate in similarevents, then specify which ones. Here it is necessary to mention the number of awards received, how many times became the winner and what titles were assigned (if they were). Tell us about your modeling experience.

A business card for a beauty contest for girls may contain additional information if the participant has something to state, in addition to the requirements described above.

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Instructions for creating

First, decide on the style.It can be an autobiographical poem, a specially created song or an interesting story. There are several ways of presenting the information: traditional presentation, where the participant seriously and concisely talks about herself, presented to the jury's court a merry verse with jokes.

Often girls choose musical accompanimentfor presentation. Allowed: a song about the city, the native of which the participant; a mix of several verses from different songs that can best describe it; classical work (Bach, Mozart).

Members of the jury will be interested to see the createdvideo about the participant. You can make a slide show, where you will use pictures that characterize you as a versatile person. In the video presentation sometimes indicate the sights of their native city and select the appropriate pictures for them.

The business card for the beauty contest should be structured, in order to mention all the important information. It must have an introduction, a major part and a logical conclusion.

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All by items

The first part indicates the mandatoryinformation, and in the second half you can mention your marital status, the presence of children (if any). Such data will give you weight in the eyes of the jury. The city of birth and education are also indicated.

Interesting facts from childhood will make the story moreat ease. Especially if in this period there was a situation that affected your future, determined the choice of the profession, gave persistence, left an imprint on the further life. However, there is no need to remember negative stories.

Uncover a piece of your soul in front of people,which will decide your future. Tell them about what is most important for you. Tell us about your achievements and why you decided to take part in the contest.

The conclusion should contain words of gratitudeparents and everyone who is involved in your formation as a person: curator in a modeling agency, teacher of ballet art, who has cultivated a sense of purpose in you, and so on.

You can encourage all present to support you in this contest and thank the judges that they took the time to assess the abilities of all the contestants.

The girl's business card for the beauty contest is no different from the presentation of the guy.

Copy to the judges

At all competitions there is one rule:each member of the jury should receive an example of a business card. These can be words written by hand in an unusual font on a beautifully designed sheet of paper. They can also be typed on a computer, and then printed.

A business card for a beauty contest is media. It is not recommended to give ordinary white envelopes to people. Choose an interesting drawing, print out and make from it an interesting package for the disc.

The business card for the beauty contest should be distinguished from all other presentations. Thanks to a well-structured story, the jury members can choose for themselves a girl whose story is well remembered.

business card for beauty contest for girls

More fantasy

Judges are ordinary people who have their ownhobbies and addictions. They can and should be carried away with their business cards. Fantasize, experiment, come up with new non-standard solutions, in general, do everything to attract attention as a smart and interesting girl. After all, a business card is not a strict exposition of one's biography in chronological order, but a way of expressing one's inner state and views on life. On how interesting you are about yourself, your success in this event depends directly.

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