Pushkin's poem "To Chaadayev". Genre and theme

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Among all the majestic works of Pushkinthe verse "To Chaadayev" is singled out. The genre and theme of this verse are unique in his work. The verse is not like most of his lyrical poems and appeals. Here the lyric poetry is cleverly combined with the lyrics of civil, patriotic. At that time it was a rather innovative approach to creativity.

Toward the Chaadaev theme

Let's spend a small analysis of the poem "To Chaadayev". The genre and theme will be explained below. First, let's describe who P. Chaadaev is, why he is attracted to the poet by rather patriotic messages?

A close friend of A. Pushkin - P. Chaadaev

The famous poem is dedicated to a notable at that time figure - officer of the Life Guards Hussar Regiment P. Ya. Chaadayev. Peter Chaadayev, as an officer, participated in the great battle of Borodino and the capture of Paris.

Towards Chaadaev Genre

Petr Chaadaev participated in many organizations -was an official member of the Krakow Masonic Lodge, the "Union of Welfare" in Moscow. In the Decembrists he was only listed. However, he did not render any assistance to the movement. Therefore, Pushkin appeals to his close friend in the hope that he will understand his impulses of the soul. Peter himself let his peasants to freedom, because he sympathized with them. His political views were very progressive. In addition, this man eventually became one of the most intelligent people of that time. He himself is a great philosopher and publicist.

"To Chaadaev". Verse-message

The great poet created this creation in the St. Petersburg period of creativity. Then young Alexander Sergeevich, as is known, deeply sympathized with the movement of the rebels - the Decembrists.

Chaadaev, one of the few comrades of his young years, he could trust any of his secret ideas, always appreciated the opinion of his elder friend.

The verse was written in 1818, it was known to the whole Decembrist youth, with whom Pushkin communicated and sought to interact in the future.

Towards Chaadayev Idea

The poet published his poem not himself, but one of the young people familiar to the poet himself submitted these lines for publication in 1829, contrary to Pushkin's will.

Genre and theme

If we take into account the time of the release of the poem,then one can understand Pushkin's fears. The poem exalts freedom from autocracy. Although it is not explicitly said about the overthrow of tsarism, the spirit of the revolutionary is very clearly felt in the stanzas.

Toward Chaadayev Verse

Let's return to the literary analysis.According to the genre, a poetic work is considered a message to a friend. Although Pushkin appeals not only to Peter Yakovlevich Chaadayev, but to all his compatriots who share his liberal views.

This genre - the message was widely used in ancient times. He was used in his work by Ovid and even Horace. In the XVIII, XIX century, early XX this genre was also very popular among writers.

Pushkin writes in his letter to a friend his secret thoughts,which in a different way, perhaps, would not have resulted from the poet's soul. Feelings in the poem and lyrical heart notes. After all, by nature Pushkin is a lyricist. And even in his civic lyrics, a sublime poetic soul is felt. He is able to summarize personal and civil feelings and give extraordinary pathos to his thoughts.

What is the topic?The theme is a revolutionary proclamation, penetrated to the ground by a deep love for the fatherland and youthful ardent belief that by going through the revolution, it will serve its people and future generations. This theme fully corresponds to the chosen genre of the verse "To Chaadayev". Genre, as you remember, a message in lyrical and civil form.

"To Chaadaev". Idea

In the poem "Toward Chaadayev" the main idea iscall for freedom and civil choice - change or not change the political situation? In the days of the Decembrist movement this question was acute in the aristocratic circles. Alexander Pushkin regards as honor the struggle against tsardom and serfdom. And he does not see his fate differently; the poet considers it his duty to help the movement. He uses osocio-political vocabulary, in order to express how important it is for him to the destiny of his country.

Straight lines say:"Our names will be written on the ruins of autocracy". He speaks of freedom-loving as the dignity of an exalted citizen of his own country. And he believes that his poems will truly awaken the impulses of civil disobedience, and in that he sees his merit.

The Poetic Size

Like most Pushkin poems, "KChaadaev ", the genre and theme of which we have already considered in detail, is written in a 6-foot iambicle.This poetic dimension was the most beloved in his work.Iamb found in almost every work and is given to the poet with unprecedented ease.

Only occasionally occurs in later worksanapaest, but it was much later, when the poet aspired to experiments in poetry. When I tried to find a new muse for myself and change the rhythm in the narrative a little.


As you can see, the young Pushkin, just graduatedstudying at the Lyceum, highly valued the friendship with the elder comrade Pyotr Chaadayev. The whole poem is a message to a friend in which the poet reveals his patriotic feelings. And what is the main idea of ​​the verse, what is the quintessence of the message "To Chaadaev"? The theme chosen by the poet is the desire for free life in the fatherland. And the idea is an appeal to devote all your thoughts and feelings to the fatherland.

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