A pirate party: a script. Invitation to a pirate party

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Friendly collectives often organizethemed events, where employees relax and are charged with positive emotions. A pirate party is a celebration where people of all ages will feel comfortable in a pirate manner. Organizers need to prepare a script, fun contests, souvenirs and menus.

How to invite guests?

A pirate party is an informal event,which should be reported in an unusual way. As an invitation, it is better to choose not standard white envelopes, but leaflets in the form of a ship or a hat - so the guests will have an intrigue, and they will certainly accept the invitation. Stock up with stickers with Jolly Roger, which will effectively look on paper of any color. The most distinguished guests will be decorated with an invitation to a pirate party in the form of an appropriate message in a darkened glass bottle. Burn the paper around the edges, remember and straighten it - it will create the impression that it is several hundred years old.

party in style

The text of the invitation should be written in inkthe handle. Put the letter in a bottle, seal it with a stopper and tie it with a rope. If you want the guests to be interested in how the pirate party will take place, prepare the script in advance and notify that in the entertainment program there will be games and costumed contests. You can be sure that your idea will be highly appreciated, and the impressions of the event will remain unforgettable.

Pirate dress code

Clothes for a party will be easy to findyourself. Ragged jeans, bandana, hat, leather belts and T-shirts are probably present in the wardrobe of everyone. Very fun and interesting will be a pirate party, suits for which you will do your own. Donate a vest for a merry evening and stretch it, remember and pour a cup of coffee on it. A school lace blouse in a moment will be an excellent choice if you put a leather vest or a raincoat over it. Wide belt with metal clips and chains. The scenario of a pirate party for adults can be made in such a way that in games there were elements of eroticism - the beauties to the face will be leather and lace. As a headdress can act bandana or hat.

If the guests came to a party without clothes,Take the initiative in your own hands and provide them with clothing. First of all, prepare eye patches. Suits can be built from a black tablecloth or oilcloth. You can cut off the clothes with scissors. Invite the ladies to remove the elegant earrings and replace them with ring-shaped clips.

The role of accessories in a pirated image

At any party clothes are given important, but notthe most important role, because the completion of the image is due to additional items. In the pirate image of accessories should be as much as possible - this chain with bracelets, leather elements, false mustache and cane. Shoes can be like high boots on lacing, and sandals. It is necessary to distinguish male and female pirate image. So, girls can wear a white blouse with a black corset, a capri or a long skirt, and on their feet - shoes with a heel and pantyhose in a mesh. If you have a pirate party in retro style, you can choose for ladies magnificent dresses that will allow guests to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the past centuries.

pirate party script

Leather belts and bracelets - that without which it is unthinkablefull image. They can be tied with metal chains or bandaged with a rope. It will be appropriate to put large rings on your fingers or use to create an image of a fingerless glove. Plastic sabers, pistols, binoculars and telescopes can ask your child. Wear a toy parrot on the shoulder of a jacket or waistcoat, and if you have this bird in your house, put a cage with it on the main plane. Provide all of your guests with flags with the image of Merry Roger. Cut out the desired shape from the black paper, attach it to a thin plastic or wooden leg, and from above, glue the skeleton. Provide a shot at an event such as a pirate party - photos taken at the time of the celebration will remain on the memory of every guest.

What should be the lair for pirates?

For a noisy party with a lot of peopleit is worth choosing a spacious room. If the holiday is held in a close circle of friends and colleagues, the owner of a country house should bear the responsibility for carrying it out. To all guests for a long time remember the pirate party, the script should echo with all your favorite movie "Pirates of the Caribbean." On the street at the entrance, put on a decorative steering wheel, tie a rope ladder. The main decoration of the interior will be balls of black color with pirate symbols, which can be used for holding thematic competitions. Arrange skulls and chests with treasures. The room should be more black, leather and wood. On the wall, hang a card on which the cross marked a place with a treasure. To have a fun and positive pirate party for adults, the script should assume the presence of booze. And given that pirates are noisy guys, it should be present not only on the table, but also in the interior. Arrange the bottles with dark glasses on the cabinets and on the floor. Take care that there are several wooden barrels with a drink at the celebration.

pirate party photo

Because the water element is related to the activitypirates, decorate the room with shells and fishing gear, scatter the sand on the floor. In a prominent place, place an aquarium with live or artificial fish. Compasses, globes and telescopes are what will enhance the impression of the holiday.

A party in pirate style: a script in a condensed form

The correct order of the celebration -half the success, so long before the chosen day you should talk with the organizers of all the conditions. The program of the event includes the greeting of the guests, during which they will be dedicated to the pirates. If invited to the party without costumes, give them hats and other accessories at the entrance, so that their appearance is consistent with the subject. Often it happens that not all guests are familiar with each other, in which case you should give everyone the right to a few words - everyone should introduce himself and tell about himself.

At the next stage, you can start the entertainment:from the simplest contest to the complex. Take care to constantly play music for a pirate party and allow guests to dance and sing, and after that offer to refresh yourself. "For dessert" leave the treasure search on the map. After that, you can sit on a soft sofa and watch one of the series of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean." Hand over memorable souvenirs to each guest, and after a few days send photos by e-mail.

Initiation into pirates

pirate party

When all the guests come together, entertain them firstcompetition. Without fussy questions, no pirate party takes place: the script for it should consist not only of dances and songs, but also of logical tasks. The participant who gave the largest number of correct answers can claim the title of ringleader. Check the knowledge of marine terms with the following questions:

  • What is the name of the pirate, whose treasure everyone is looking for? (Flint)
  • What is the name of a sea ship? (Ship.)
  • Breeding fish (Piranha, shark.)
  • What is the front part of the ship called? (Nose.)
  • Who is the main man on the ship after the captain? (Boatswain.)
  • What is the room for the sailors called? (Cockpit.)
  • How many parts in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean?" (Four.)
  • What does the expression "raise a Merry Roger?" (Have fun.)
  • What is the largest marine mammal? (Blue whale.)

The winner receives a hat with a pictureMerry Roger, and from now on he becomes the leader of the gang and has the right to conduct other contests. Music for a pirate party should be included whenever there is another test, so that guests show more excitement.

Contests for adults

scenario of a pirate party for young people

This pirate must certainly participate infight, even without a bloody battle. In the next competition, participants can be both men and women. Five inflated balloons are attached to the belt of each daredevil. Plastic spoons or forks will serve as weapons. At the command of "start" everyone tries to pierce the ball of the opponent - the winner is the one who has the greatest number of whole balls.

Celebrating a pirate party can notdo without alcohol, gay dances and beautiful girls. The party in the style of no limits ("without borders") can not do without attracting ladies. Line up several beauties in a row, and the brave men tie your eyes and ask them to feel by guessing who is in front of them. Spectators have no right to prompt, and if after 10 seconds the name is not named, the right to guess is given to the next person.

The next competition requires a preliminarytraining. One person leaves the room, the other sits on the floor, in the space between two tables. In the tablecloth the hole for the head is cut out in advance. The tables are connected, the head is covered with a large cup so that the daredevil does not feel discomfort at the same time; A few more cups of the same size are put on the surface. Entered supposedly offered to find a treasure under these plates, but as soon as he gets to the head, the brave man screams, and the observers laugh joyfully.

Contests for children

Invite boys and girls to knotdense rope - a participant who within a minute will make the most of them, is declared the winner. Do not forget to give prizes to children, so that they get excited. In contests everyone should be involved, then they will be remembered for a long time by a children's pirate party.

The script does not do without the game "Sea figure,"It is the most recognizable for all ages, and this contest can be included in the adult party program.The host of the event says:" The sea is worried - once, the sea is worried - two, the sea is worried - three, the sea figure - , then each participant should take an interesting pose and remain motionless until the end.

Of course, a party in a pirate style can notwithout sweets. The next contest is designed for older children: they will have to push a few crackers into their mouths and try to whistle. The task is complicated by the fact that without preliminary preparation it will be very difficult to do, therefore, there will most likely be few winners.

Menu for the hungry pirates

Dishes for a theme party can bemost ordinary, but you will have to work harder on their appearance. Pirates, as is known, spend most of the time at sea, so the menu should be composed mainly of seafood. This is just the case when, in addition to fish, it will be appropriate to offer a cocktail of oysters, octopuses and shrimps. Salads can be served in large shells, put red caviar on a table in ice blocks. Place your bet on snacks or similar dishes that will not cool down and can not be eaten at the table: they are sandwiches, canapés, fondues.

scenario of a pirate party for adults

In summer you can go outside and fryshish kebab, in winter you can bake fish or meat in the oven. To everyone for a long time remember the pirate party, take photos absolutely everything. The table should be full of booze and exotic fruits. Pirates usually do not like sweets, but as a dessert you can offer a huge cake and smear it on the face of the leader - this action will amuse the guests.

Search treasure

Treasure Chest is a welcomea trophy for each of the pirates, so without it it is unthinkable to hold this party. Draw a plan of the room on the Whatman, conventional signs and a cross designate the cache. It can be placed in advance purchased items, but it will be more interesting if each of the guests at the entrance will remove from themselves a valuable thing and put it into the casket with the condition of return.

Observe safety regulations to ensure thatall your household items were unharmed in the search for treasure: hide antique things, glass objects, rearrange the flowers and leave as much free space in the room.

Pirate party: scenario, algorithm, competitions

For the conduct of the event must answer asat least one person: the owner of the house or the toastmaster. A small scenario is designed for the two leading. When preparing an invitation to a pirate party, indicate to the guests that the holiday will be active, so that they are ready in advance for the performance of collective tasks.

music for a pirate party

The girl welcomes guests at the entrance with the words:"Welcome aboard the Black Pearl ship!" The guy misses everyone, hands over a hat or other accessory and says that now he is a full member of the team. When everyone is ready, ask them to divide into several teams and give them the names - "Sea Wolves", "Sea Captains" or "Filibusters". Teams will participate in contests, and at the end of the party the winner will be the one who will cope better with the task.

The next stage is the election of the pirate leader.This can be done by voting or holding the first competition, following which a leader will become the leader, who knows maritime terminology perfectly. After this entertainment, offer guests a snack. "Well, gentlemen pirates, you are refreshed, and now is the time to have fun," - says the host and invites to participate in other competitions. One of the organizers in time hands on trophies for winning contests.

Scenario pirate party for young peoplepresupposes the most long-awaited test - the struggle for treasure. "Well, now it's time to start looking for treasures," the second presenter announces and brings everyone to the map, on which a cache is shown with a conventional sign. At this time the music starts, and the most interesting part of the event begins. When all the competitions are completed, and the treasure is found, the presenters complete the party and offer free time.

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