"Advego": feedback on the work of the exchange

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Many people who want to start earning money on writing articles, choose the "Advego" exchange. Reviews about this "place of work" are diverse. In this article, a small review is offered to your attention.

"Advego": feedback on the work

advego reviews
Like any copywriting exchange, Advego hastheir strengths. First, this exchange is convenient for beginners. No one looks at your portfolio (or lack thereof), does not ask for examples of works (in most cases), does not require experience. There are many orders on this exchange. To get a job, you just need to click on the button.

There are both orders for writing articles, and smalladvertising tasks. For example, posting, promotion in social networks and writing reviews are often required. True, most of the orders in the tape are small tasks, the cost of which is usually low.

If we talk about prices, they can not be calledhigh. The average cost of writing articles is $ 0.5 per 1,000 characters. Expensive orders are exhibited infrequently and are mainly available only for whitelists.

"Advego": reviews about convenience

Often placed wholesale orders, i.e.one webmaster displays a certain task on a daily basis or with a different frequency. The number of applications is limited. For example, it can be established that one contractor can take an order only once or submit an application once a week, but in general not more than five tasks. In a word, variations are possible.

Another drawback is that sometasks can only be on certain days or even hours. Therefore, "tasty" orders sometimes have to watch. Many people work on this exchange like a lottery: who was the first to apply, he will receive an order. It happens that there is a good order. The conscientious author carefully reads the task, browses the Internet to make sure that he has information to rely on, and only then applies. But the order has already been taken by a less responsible, but faster, rider.

It should be noted that the exchange is almost notsocialized. There is no possibility of direct communication with the customer. Of course, you can use comments to the order, but this greatly complicates the work. Also, the lack of "live" communication reduces the likelihood of finding regular customers. And for many copywriters it is the constant cooperation that makes up an impressive part of the income. In addition, the search for new orders takes a lot of time.

"Advego": reviews about the functional

text validation
On the site there are several useful services, incl.for check. One of the online programs finds spelling errors in the article. This is very convenient if the author, for example, does not have the opportunity to use the "Word". In this case, checking the Advego text helps to quickly find typos. You can also analyze the semantic core - count the number of keywords, evaluate the "wateriness" and "nausea" of the text. There is also an anti-plagiarism test for Advego. But, judging by the reviews, the testimony of the program is not too reliable. If you repeatedly check the same text, you can get a strong difference in the results.

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