The shortest content of the "Queen of Spades". In pursuit of the mystery of the three cards

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The shortest content of "The Queen of Spades" introduces uswith one of the most mysterious prose works of A. Pushkin. The story begins with the most ordinary game of cards in the house of Konnogvardeytsya Narumova. When the game ends, Tomsky begins to tell the mysterious story of his grandmother. According to him, somehow Saint-Germain opened her the secret of three cards: if you bet on them in a row, you will definitely win. Of course, this story seemed implausible to all present. Neither did Hermann, a young officer who had never played before, believed in her, but watched the players intently until the morning.

Acquaintance with the Countess and Lizaveta Ivanovna

the shortest content of the peak lady
Then the shortest content of the "Queen of Spades"acquaints us with his grandmother personally. The old woman is sitting in the restroom, surrounded by her maids. Here she works with the hoop her pupil. Tomsky enters the room and starts a secular conversation with the countess, but quickly disappears. The attention of the reader switches to the ward of the old Countess, Lizaveta Ivanovna. The girl remains alone and looks at the young stately officer for a long time, the appearance of which causes her blush every time. Distractress Lizaveta Countess - a woman, as always, gives the most controversial orders and requires that they are immediately executed. Lizanka's life in the house of a quarrelsome, selfish and self-willed old woman has long become unbearable. The countess has a habit of blaming the pupil for everything that she does not like. The self-indulgent girl, in turn, barely endured endless whims and quibbles and looked forward to when in her life there would be a long-awaited deliverer. That's the reason why the appearance of a young officer who for several days in a row appeared near the house and looked into her window, made Lizaveta blush. This young man, as you probably already guessed, was the same Hermann.

Hermann finds a way to get into the Countess's house

Hermann himself was a man inside of which seethedpassion, he was haunted by his fiery imagination. Perhaps only his firm character saved him from the mistakes of youth, which many of his peers admitted. The story of Tomsky had inflamed Hermann's imagination, and he decided to learn the secret of the three cards without fail. Driven by this goal, he was at the house of the old countess, in one of the windows which he saw Lisa. This moment became fatal.

a short story of the Queen of Spades
The shortest content of the "Queen of Spades", of course,does not include descriptions of the many points that allowed Hermann to approach Lizanka and penetrate the abode of the countess. Secretly the officer gives the girl a love letter. Lizaveta, in turn, answers him. In his next letter, Hermann insists on a date. The young man writes to Lizaveta almost every day and, in the end, achieves what he wants. Lisa appoints her admirer a date at the time when the hostess should go to the ball, and explains how to sneak into the house unnoticed. Further, the summary of the story "The Queen of Spades" shows us the rapidly developing events. Hardly waiting for the appointed time, Hermann enters the Countess's house and climbs into her office. When the countess finally returns, the officer comes to her bedroom and begs her to reveal to him the secret of the treasured three cards. The old woman gives the uninvited guest resistance, but he is adamant: at first he begins to insistently demand, then - to threaten, and in the end took out a hidden gun. Having seen the weapon, the old woman falls in fear from the chairs and dies.

And again the shortest content of the "Queen of Spades"returns us to Lizaveta Ivanovna. She returns with the mentor from the ball and is afraid of the thought that in her room will be Hermann. So the girl even feels relieved when there is no one there. Lisa surrenders to her own thoughts, and at this moment Hermann enters the room and tells the girl about the Countess's death. So Lizaveta learns that the purpose of the officer was not her love, and understands that it is she who is guilty of the death of the tutor. The girl is tormented with anguish of repentance. Hermann, with the first rays of the sun, leaves the Countess's house.

The soul of the deceased pursues an officer

very brief content of the Queen of Spades
Three days later, Hermann appears at the burial servicecountess. When the officer said goodbye to the deceased, it seemed to him that she looked at him with a sneer. The rest of the day Hermann conducts in frustrated feelings, drinks a lot of wine and falls into a dream. He wakes up in the middle of the night, hearing someone's footsteps in his room. The officer recognizes the old countess. She discovers to him the secret of three cards: three, seven and ace, and also demands that Hermann become engaged to Lizaveta Ivanovna. After that the ghost of the countess disappears.

The cherished combination continued to hauntthe imagination of the officer. He can no longer resist the temptation, and therefore is sent to the company of the famous Chekalinsky player and puts a huge amount on the top three. Hermann's card wins. The next day he puts on the seven, and the story repeats itself. The next day Hermann again appears at the table. He puts the card, but instead of the expected ace in his hand - the Queen of Spades. The officer surrenders that the lady slightly screwed up her eyes and grinned ... The image on the map amazes him by how much the lady's peak resembles the old countess.

Thus ends the story of A. Pushkin.But, of course, in order to fully immerse in the atmosphere of the work, it is not enough to read a very brief content. "The Queen of Spades", written in a lively, saturated language, allows you to wake up to see all the scenes described by the author. In conclusion, the writer tells that Lizaveta Ivanovna married after a while, and Hermann himself went insane.

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