Ruslan Kurbanov, orientalist: biography, nationality and list of publications

Publications and Writing Articles

Ruslan Kurbanov is an outstanding political scientist andspecialist in the North Caucasus. To date, orientalist Ruslan Kurbanov is known throughout the world for his work in the research field. In addition to his public and scientific activities, Ruslan is also the director of the Support Fund, which is trying to help innovative projects.

Ruslan Kurbanov (orientalist): biography

The nationality of a well-known and talented political scientist is Daghestanian.

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Ruslan was born on October 26, 1976 in the village of Kurakh, in Dagestan (today the village is considered the territory of the Russian Federation).

By his education, Kurbanov iseconomist. After graduating from Dagestan University, Kurbanov was drawn to politics. He managed to defend his thesis on political science at the State University of St. Petersburg.

Biography of Orientalist Ruslan Kurbanov is capableto surprise everyone: an ordinary guy from the Dagestan village, who achieved such popularity due to his views on specific areas of social life - this example really deserves respect.

The first steps in scientific activity

After graduating from university, Kurbanov took upteaching activities. He was the chief teacher of the course for the adaptation of Russian students at the University of Syria to return to their homeland. It is also known that Ruslan Kurbanov worked as a teacher, an expert in prestigious universities in the United States of America and Great Britain.

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Later, in 2011, Kurbanov opens thea Moscow school that specializes in training Muslim journalists, which is a serious step for the unification of the Russian people and the peoples of the Caucasus, because the constant contact between Russian journalists and Muslims is simply inevitable.

Early career: journalism

In his work, Kurbanov has always beenis multifaceted. The beginning of his career fell on the field of journalism. Becoming a reporter of the Dagestan news program, he gained fame, due to which he was invited to other companies that were somehow connected with journalism activities.

Ruslan Kurbanov short biography and list of publications

The next step in the promotion of the careerThe ladder for Kurbanov was the work in the program of the Federation Council "Senate", which was shot for display on the TV channel "Russia". He worked as editor-in-chief.

In addition to television broadcasts, Ruslan Kurbanov(an Orientalist, a biography whose nationality is of interest to us today) showed his journalistic talent in the printed field. To date, Ruslan Kurbanov is the editor of the political department in the journal Smysl, as well as the editor-in-chief of the portal "Caucasian politics" on the Internet.

Further success

The next step is the post of vice-president of Lezginautonomy. After receiving the post of senior researcher at the Oriental Institute, they began to say that Ruslan Kurbanov is an Orientalist (biography, nationality - all this is becoming interesting to a wide circle of admirers of his talent). Soon fate enabled the talented man to show himself.

biography of orientalist Ruslan Kurbanov

He managed to take up positions in thea research center in Brussels, where he conducted work related to the divided Dagestan peoples, a contract with the Belgian University was signed for three years.

For a more in-depth study of this phenomenon,as disunity of the whole people, Kurbanov had to upgrade his qualifications, which he did at the Academy of Public Service of the Russian Federation at special courses on "Security of interethnic relations".

At the moment Ruslan Kurbanov is the main researcher of the culture of the central part of Asia, the entire territory of the Caucasus and the territories of the Ural Volga region.

Altair Foundation

Another important element in the work of Kurbanov was the social support of all truly worthwhile innovations that are connected with the Internet.

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One of the directions that the foundation supports,was the fight against Islamic terrorism. The open propaganda of such a struggle, which is widespread on the Internet, is of great importance for world peace. This is what Kurbanov is talking about, answering the questions of reporters about the work of his fund.

Political development of Kurbanov

Orientalist Ruslan Kurbanov set about his serious development in the political sphere.

In 2014, Ruslan Kurbanov nominated his candidacy for the post of a member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, but he was accused of sweeping votes, and therefore the candidacy was withdrawn.

Despite this unfortunate event in his career, he served as chairman of the Executive Committee of the Russian Congress, specializing in the culture of the Caucasian peoples, until 2015.

To date, Ruslan Kurbanov, orientalist,biography, whose nationality we are considering, is part of the leadership of the Expert Council, which is part of the Council of Russian Muftis, being a specialist in this field.

In addition, Kurbanov is a member of the working group on inter-ethnic relations with the Moscow government.

Being an expert in the field of the peoples of the North Caucasus, as well as the Islamic religion, Kurbanov participates in a variety of television programs and programs related to the culture of these peoples.

About Syria and Dagestan

During the survey on the economicforum Ruslan talks about the countries of the North Caucasus. Ruslan Kurbanov about Dagestan and Syria says what is happening in these countries now in reality. Telling that in these countries is now an extremely difficult situation, Kurbanov notes that the situation of Dagestan is even more difficult than that of its neighboring countries. This situation arose in connection with the fact that Dagestan was always divided into two parts: the one that obeyed the power of the khans, and the one that was left to itself. Since most of the militants are people who have lived from time immemorial without recognizing anyone's power, they solve their problems now themselves, without asking anyone's help.

Ruslan Kurbanov: an Islamist publicist

Kurbanov, having carefully studied the entire history of the NorthernCaucasus, came to the conclusion that there was never a single religion in Dagestan. All the religion in this area is Islamic, but there are four variations that all officially recognize.

 ruslan kurbanov islamic scholar

Ruslan Kurbanov, whose short biography and list of publications speak of his great interest in this field, writes a lot of articles about the Islamic religion.

List of publications by Ruslan Kurbanov:

  1. Article about jihad.
  2. Article about the arrest of Amirov.
  3. Article about the civil war in Dagestan.
  4. Article on the recruitment of Tajiks.
  5. Article about the inhabitants of Ossetia and Adygea.
  6. Article on the nomination of his candidature for the elections.
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