How to get to Sheremetyevo by the shortest route?


The question of how to get to Sheremetyevo,is relevant both for Muscovites and for the numerous guests of the capital. But if visitors are often just unknown to the road there, the indigenous residents of the capital are interested in how to get to the airport with minimal loss of time and nerves.

How to get to Sheremetyevo Airport

The main air gate of the country is located about ten kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road on the Leningrad Highway, in the city of Khimki. But getting here is not always easy.

how to get to Sheremetyevo
Answering the question about how to get to"Sheremetyevo", you have to take into account many factors of Moscow life. First of all, they should be attributed to traffic jams, which on the Leningrad highway are quite frequent and during peak hours paralyze any movement for a long time. And at the end of the week, when many are rushing out of town, the situation is much worse than on an ordinary weekday. Proceeding from these deplorable circumstances, it is necessary to give preference to the railway when answering the question about how to get to Sheremetyevo. Traveling here by aeroexpress from Belorussky railway station will take a little over half an hour.
how to get to Sheremetyevo Airport
With a standard ticket price of 320 rublesthis trip will save a lot of nervous energy. Perhaps, this is the only guaranteed way not to get caught in a traffic jam and not be late for a flight. Travel business class in a luxury car will cost 900 rubles. For those who have to travel to Sheremetyevo often, there is a detailed system of discounts and bonuses. But, making a choice in favor of aeroexpress, one should keep in mind that it is impossible to get to the terminals of airports C and B. You will have to get to these facilities by transfer to a special bus that will take you there for free.

You can use the city publictransport. This will be much cheaper. But to go by bus or shuttle is best if there is a sufficient enough time before departure, when there is no question of how to get to Sheremetyevo as quickly as possible. The easiest way is to sit on them at the terminal stops near the metro stations "Rechnoy Vokzal" and "Planernaya". Routes operate in a round-the-clock mode and are sent to Sheremetyevo at intervals of ten minutes to half an hour, depending on the time of day. The cost of travel varies considerably (from 28 to 70 rubles). A taxi ride to Sheremetyevo from the center will take half an hour and cost 1,500 rubles. But this is in the absence of traffic jams, which are not present only at night.

how to get to Sheremetyevo metro station

Can I come to the airport by metro?

Not yet. Currently, we have to choose exclusively between land transport modes, when we have to find a way to get to Sheremetyevo. The metro is planned to be held there only in the very distant future. At the moment it is in the design stage. It is a question of the so-called "easy metro", the line of which must connect the city of Khimki with Moscow. The end station of the line should be located in Sheremetyevo. But it's too early to say when this plan will be realized in reality.

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