Where is Cambodia and how much to fly?


Cambodia is a beautiful and mysterious country! Few can quickly answer the question of where Cambodia is located. It is located in the south of Indochina. A mixture of fabulous antiquity and modern Khmer life. The life of the country's population differs radically from ours. So, for example, many people build houses on stilts. Because the long rainy seasons with heavy rainfall do not allow doing otherwise. The oldest temple complex of Angkor impresses with its grandeur and uniqueness. Temples of Cambodia are often used for shooting adventure films. The area where Cambodia is located is remarkable for its stunning nature. So, the footage of the well-known Hollywood film "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" was shot in one of the temples of the Angkor complex in the province of Siem Reap. A visit to this country will leave an indelible impression.

where is the cambodia

Variants of flight from Moscow

Now it is clear where Cambodia is located. How much to fly to the exotic country? At the moment there are no direct flights from Russia. Tour operators offer several transfer options, but all of them will be with transfers. If the flight takes place from Moscow, then the transplant can be in the United Arab Emirates, China or Thailand. At least this journey will take 14 hours, but it can stretch for more than a day. In this case, the transplant will be in Bangkok, and you will be offered a short city tour, an overnight stay and a morning flight to Siem Reap. From Bangkok you will be offered to fly on a real exotic - a screw aircraft, which is painted with landscapes of nature. This is a small airplane, which, most likely, will only carry your tour group and a couple of random passengers. This situation is due to the exotic nature of the area where Cambodia is located and the proximity of other resorts.

where is the cambodia how much to fly

Variants of flight from other cities of Russia

If the flight is from St. Petersburg, thenit is worth adding one more hour. The minimum time that the flight will take is 15 hours. From Novosibirsk it will be possible to get there faster for 3 hours - only for 12 hours. And from Ekaterinburg - for 13 hours. That is, everything depends on where the flight will take place, and on the tour itself. For the group, the road will be longer than for tourists who booked individual tours, or simply travel alone, or undertook a business trip. By the way, visas are put on arrival at the airport. The area where Cambodia is located is famous for its warm and humid climate, in which the tourist will be comfortable.

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