How to get from Volgograd to Krasnodar: options


Residents of a large industrial city with a million populationVolgograd often go on the road: establish business contacts, travel or relax. For Volgograd residents Krasnodar is one of the most visited cities in Russia, because this southern city is famous for its business activity, proximity to the sea and a huge number of attractions. The need to get to Krasnodar especially increases in Volgograd in the summer.

Volgograd krasnodar

There are several ways to get from Volgograd to Krasnodar.


Distance Volgograd - Krasnodar, which will need to be overcome, varies depending on what type of transport will have to use.

The shortest way is to fly by air. The distance between the cities is 578 km. The railway stretches for 588 km. The automobile route will be from 700 to 750 km.

Travel by train

From the main railway station of the Volgaof the city of Volgograd-1 departing trains to Krasnodar. Every day 15 flights from different cities stop in Volgograd, and then follow through Krasnodar to Anapa, Adler and Novorossiysk.

Choosing a train, it is worth paying attention to the timedeparture and arrival to make the trip comfortable. The fastest train 014Z from Saratov to Adler leaves Volgograd at 16:54 and arrives in Krasnodar in 12 hours 24 minutes.

The longest journey is 339G from Nizhny Novgorod, he takes passengers from Volgograd to Krasnodar 18 hours 49 minutes.

Volgograd Krasnodar distance

There are morning trains:

  • 243N, Novokuznetsk-Anapa, departure from Volgograd at 04:14;
  • from Volgograd at 04:30 - 241I, Irkutsk-Adler;
  • at 06:01 driving off 501G. Kirov-Anapa;
  • at 06:31 - 465Zh, Astrakhan-Adler.

For the convenience of passengers there are flights that depart from Volgograd in the afternoon:

  • 353E - from Perm to Adler, leaves at 15:05;
  • 249N - from Novokuznetsk, passing at 16:05.

Evening trains arrive in Krasnodar the next day in the afternoon or in the morning:

  • 453Y, Ufa-Novorossiysk, at the station of Volgograd at 19:41,
  • 509G, Kazan-Novorossiysk, leaves at 20:50.

On average, the trains are on the road for 14-16 hours, passing through the cities of Salsk, Zhutovo and Kotelnikovo.

The cost of a reserved seat ticket is from 763 rubles, the coupe - from 1596 rubles. In some trains there are wagons of category SV, the ticket costs from 4461 rubles.

Flights to Volgograd-Krasnodar

Between the city on the Volga and the capital of Krasnodarthere is no direct air communication. All Volgograd-Krasnodar flights are carried out with a transfer in Moscow, at Domodedovo airport. The message is carried by the aircraft of the company "Aeroflot" SU and S7. Aircraft from the airport of Volgograd take off daily, starting from 06:05 and ending at 20:20. On the fastest flight, passengers are on the road for 5 hours and 55 minutes. The longest is 14 hours 55 minutes. At Pashkovskiy Airport (Krasnodar) passengers land, starting at 02:25, the last flight arrives at 20:30. For the flight on average, you will have to pay about 14 thousand rubles.

You can use the airports located not far from Krasnodar - in Anapa and Gelendzhik.

By bus to the south

You can go from Volgograd to Krasnodar by bus, which is well established between cities.

Four Volgograd road transport companies are engaged in the transportation of passengers:

  • OOO Concern-Yug;
  • Subsidiary company "Concern-South";
  • OOO Tyaga;
  • a subsidiary of Tyaga.

Buses run about 700 km, dividing the city, for 13 hours and 30 minutes.

The bus route passes through such settlements:

  • Kotelnikovo;
  • Salsk;
  • Tikhoretsk.

Place of departure of buses from Volgograd:

  • the area of ​​the railway station;
  • Central Bus Station.

Place of arrival in Krasnodar: central bus station, Station Square, 5.

The fare depends on the tariffs of the carrier company and ranges from 1888 to 2034 rubles.

Buses leave every day at 17:45, 18:15 and arrive at 07:15, 07:45.

You can use transit buses from Kazan, Syzran, Ufa, Cheboksary, Ulyanovsk, which are sent to the Crimea.

Travel by car

If you set off from the city-hero of Volgograd to the capital of the south by car, you will have to travel 700-750 km, spending about 12-13 hours, depending on the chosen route.

Volgograd krasnodar through salsk

The fuel consumption will be about 70 liters depending on the efficiency of the engine, about 2500 rubles will be spent on gasoline.

Route options:

  1. Get lost on the highway Volgograd-Krasnodar throughSalsk is difficult, traffic on the road is active. The road passes through with. Kotelniki, Zimovniki. In Salsk, you can turn left and go through Tikhoretsk, in with. Settlement to go to the M-4 track.
  2. Another version of the movement: after reaching Salsk, turn right and go through Egorlykskaya and Novopashkovskaya, leaving for M-4.
  3. No less popular is the route through Kalach-na-Donu, Morozovsk, Belaya Kalitva along the A-260 highway and a quick exit to the M-4, through which Rostov-on-Don can get to Krasnodar.
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